Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best day of the year

Today is take your daughter/son to work day and, can I just tell you, I am LOVING it! It is so cool to see all these professional engineer guys bring their kids to work. I love seeing the more personal, sincere family side of all these guys.

It doesn't hurt to have some cute little high pitched voices floating up into the air either. The energy they bring with them is palpable and make this place SO much more fun!

I wish they could come everyday...although I'm not sure how much actual work would get done...

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Reb said...

You're an engineer? I see it right there in your about me stuff. Wow, brainiac, BYU even, I think I'm going to weep at alumni comoradery. Way to go in having chitlins in the work place. I can only give one word for what my children would do on "take your child to work day," DEMOLITION.