Thursday, April 02, 2009

The big day

When you are nervous how to you act? Shy? Quiet? Reserved?

Not me.

I get kind of loud goofy and excitable. My heart starts racing and the thin filter between my brain and mouth completely dissolves and I am left spurting out every thought that drifts by. Which typically is a bad thing. Especially when I'm being evaluated or judged. When I know someone is trying to figure out if they think I'm good enough or not I become the class clown. It's kind of horrible, really.

Today is one of those days and I am already starting to feel the please-laugh-at-my-jokes bubbles percolate in the pit of my stomach.

But, I'm lucky to have a husband who understands this about me. And wants to help. How do I know this?

He got up early this morning to make me the full, grand-slam breakfast at home. Eggs, bacon, brown sugar pancakes will all help me anchor those bubbles in my stomach.


MrsEm said...

I'm a nervous chatter too. At least I think it is preferred over the deer-in-the-headlights reaction.

CageQueen said...

Um, can I please have the receipt for the brown sugar pancakes. If not, can I come over for dinner? Or breakfast? Maybe lunch? LOL!

P.S. Good luck with whatever it is that's making you nervous.

MSmith said...

I sure enjoy your posts. I think my mouth twists as I talk when I'm nervous.
Aunti M

Emily said...

Hope whatever you were nervous about went well. It's too bad we missed you on Saturday! One of these days we will get our act together and have people over...

Oh, and are you guys still up for me practicing taking pictures of you sometime???