Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Blogger to Blogger

Next up? My pal Erica from Her Bloggity Blog. Every Monday this girl puts a list of awesome stuff that looks like I could have pulled it myself! I've been dying to ask her a few questions, and this is what I came up with.

Katie asked: Erica, what item of clothing do you buy most frequently and what do you think that says about you? (girl, I've seen those stacks of jeans in your closet....)

Erica answered: I suppose the item I buy most frequently would be tops (it's a generalization I know, but work with me here :D). Yes it's true I do in fact have a few jeans (and be few I mean a double digit number that won't be revealed), but that's because different washes and cuts cater to what ever mood I'm in and how I'm feeling. Feeling a little bloated...wear the broken in boyfriend style jeans. Want to look a little more put together...try a dark wash trouser jean.

Back to tops - You can't have too many. I used to have a bazillion tees but have realized over the past few years I'm digging more the plain tops with some cool detailing (ruffles, intricate threading). I also love a good silk blouse. Banana Republic rocks in this category. Score some sweet silk tops from them by checking their sale racks (I NEVER pay full price) or doing a little searching on Ebay. For some reason the shirt looks better/feels better if I know I scored a deal :).

What does this say about me? 1. The way I dress depends on my mood2. I love clothes and care about the way I look. 3. I love a good deal4. My husband is a good good man to put up with my clothing habits.

Katie asked: Were you afraid/nervous to have kids? Why/why not?

Erica answered: Yes and No.

No - Before I was actually pregnant I wasn't afraid. I grew up the oldest girl in a family with 5 other siblings. My little sister is severely handicap and while at home it was my job to care for her. Because of this responsibility (along with being the oldest girl = slightly bossy but very responsible) it seemed as though I had cared for a child/children all my life. In fact, when I was first married I had told my husband that I didn't want kids for at least 3 years so I could have a break.

Yes - Once I was actually pregnant I got a little nervous. I distinctly remember one Saturday while pregnant, that Bret and I played Super Mario Bros. 3 on our old school NES system all day. He was wearing a Lego shirt and I was wearing a shirt that had the phrase "Squeeze Me" with two lemon slices on the front (I swear to you I didn't get the double meaning..I just liked the green shirt with the yellow lemons. It wasn't until a coworker of mine pointed it out that I got it). I remember wondering how in the world we would be parents when we were (are?) so immature?! At first I kinda joked with Bret about my thoughts, but as I pondered on them a bit more (you know...when it wasn't my turn to play) I realized that I was going to be responsible for another human being...and that's when fear and nervousness greeted me with a huge slap in the face.

I will say however, that even after having 2 kids it's still pretty scary when I stop and think about my responsibility to these two little people. I think it's okay to feel that way, in fact if you don't feel that way, that's when I would worry. Those feelings keep us in check and make us want to do better, which in turn make us better parents, people and role models to our kids.

Katie asked: People say blogging is narcissistic. How do you respond?

Erica answered: Narcissism describes the trait of excessive self-love or being self absorbed. So I'd say HECK YES!! blogs title is "Erica's bloggity blog" pretty sure it's not a blog about Silly Sally or Debbi Downer? It's all about ME, ME, ME!!!

I initially started my blog as an outlet for the bazillion things going on in my head and to let family and friends know what's going on in our lives. It was faster for me and more convenient then picking up a phone and talking. So I was being selfish. I was writing about my thoughts and my kids. I'm so self absorbed!

I have met so many wonderful people who inspire me (see all about me) and who give me creative ideas. It makes a hard day I am having a bit better to know that someone else out there can relate.

I enjoy witty, sarcastic humor and so many of the blogs I read out there contain that. I love being able to have my own little space of the great WWW where I can write whatever I want, whenever I want.

Now I'm pretty sure those people who say blogging is narcissistic didn't mean it the way I just interpreted it. I am sure said people don't blog themselves or they would realize that it's a sort of positive narcissism. Yes we write about our lives and our thoughts because...well, that is what/who we are, but the blogging world is what you make of it. You can allow your blog to be just about you and write post solely for comments of praise and recognition, which would make it be something of a negative narcissistic nature. But I tend to think, at least for me and the blogs I read our purpose for blogging is different than that. We write to keep record, to share and communicate to like minded people out there.

Blog on I say...BLOG ON!

And then she asked me:

Erica asked: Homemade Mac n Cheese or Kraft?

Katie answered: You probably innocently threw this question in without really thinking about the serious and weighty thought required to answer this. You see, Kraft Mac n Cheese is my secret guilty pleasure. When the ear doctor isn't home for dinner I find myself gleefully skipping toward the food storage closet to find that precious blue box of goodness. I make the whole thing and gloriously slurp the finished product out of the pot I used to boil the noodles. No need to dirty a bowl! On the other hand Homemade is creamy and I don't feel nearly as guilty about serving it to my man as a dinner. I put crumbly crunchies on top and it is Delicious.

For me, I can't pick between the two. They are the yin and yang to my cheese comfort food cravings. The world wouldn't function properly without the two in a perfect symbiotic balance.

Erica asked: I've always wanted red hair (boy would I look fugly with red hair). Some stylists have strong opinions about what colors red heads can wear and what colors they can't. Do you think wearing purple or light pink is tacky and clashes or is it fashionable?

Katie answered: OK, so here you've once again touched on a topic I have a passionate opinion about. And something that a lot of non-red heads don't realize. There is more than a single complexion for a red head. Some look great in pink (my little sister), some look dead (me). Also, purple? I love wearing purple. In fact, today is a purple-tacular day. Just like with everyone else, you have to find what works on an individual level. The blanket denial of one color of clothing to an entire hair color demographic is just silly and shows lack of experience.

That being said, I am almost always wearing green.

Erica asked: Why do you allow for comments on your blog? How do you feel about people who throw fits when they get low comments on a post?

Katie answered: First part, why I allow comments. Well, to be perfectly honest, I like knowing that someone out there was in some way affected by what I wrote. It's a little ego booster. Also, I like getting the feedback and it's interesting to learn which topics my readers are interested in (buying houses, apparently). Thirdly, I find myself discovering new favorite blogs through my comments. I think that's how I found you, Erica. I do not like the rude, mean spirited comments that I get really frequently, but I've learned to take the bad with the good. Sometimes the mean comments are right and it lets me really think about what I'm writing. Sometimes they aren't and I just have to let them roll off my back. I've just learned to be quick with the delete button and not think about it again.

Second part, feeling bad about low comments. I didn't know that people threw fits over this. Do they really? It used to bum me out when I took the time to write a really personal and what I felt well written post about my life and I'd get no comments. And then the next day I'd right about eating a sundae and McDonalds and I'd be flooded with responses. It was then that I realized that most people will respond to something that is quick and easy to digest. Something that they can relate to. I write the good posts for me now and don't care if I get a single comment on those entries.

How would you answer any of the questions asked?


Janssen said...

Very cool. Off to check out her blog.

Also, I'm surprised you get so many nasty comments! (And, speaking of comments, I've always wanted to ask why your comment button doesn't show up when you go to an individual post. You have to go back to the homepage (and your header doesn't work as a link to the homepage), so it's kind of a hassle. I sound like a giant whiner here, but I figured you might not know).

{erica} said...

I laughed when I saw the picture and realized they were all things I had posted about on MPM's. That rocked!

Thanks again for asking me to participate it was a pleasure.

Katie said...


TELL ME ABOUT IT! I hate that I can't figure out how to have the comment link on an individual post. HATE IT.

I've tried to fix it, but can't quite figure it out. Sorry it's annoying, but believe me, it's WORSE for me.

{erica} said...

p.s. I just realized you LINKED to my dirty little not so secret secret = my closet!

Rest assured a ton of clothing will be left behind in Iowa when we move in a few weeks (gotta make room for new stuff :D)

Reb said...

Katie, your blog is such a riot, bright spot in the day. I love it that you allow blogger comments. I second your thoughts on comments and lack thereof. Isn't the blog all about ME (you)?

Maggie said...

Today is a purple-tacular day for me too! (Thanks for the purple maternity shirt!) Also, my favorite maternity shirt right now is the grey/magenta stripe one that you got me. I love pink, sometimes I worry that people are right about pink not going well on red heads, but I love the color too much to let it go.

Color that will never work for me-orange.

Megs said...

Pleased to meet you Katie and great to read about Erica as always.

I've been reading through your past posts and laughing my head off. Here I go to add you to my google reader....

paisley peacock said...

you are a it!
thanks for venturing on over :)

TRS said...

See there... orange is my pink. I don't wear pink. Pink is for blondes and Maggie!
Orange is my -I'm having a great day whether you like it or not! - color. And so is yellow - the mustard shades - not lemon.
(I'm a brunette with pale skin)

As for blogs being narcissistic - they never said that about diaries and journals did they? So what's the difference - a blog is intended for others to see? Nah - it's a diary that we're not afraid of being 'found'.

I think it's healthy.