Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tis the season

Last night we, along with probably every other American family, spend the night filling our houses with the pungent aroma of vinegar.

We always dye eggs.

And I love it.

Well, we started the process by putting setting out all the bowls and putting one of those little color tabs in each. Am I the only one who, at this point, is reminded of those teeth-scum/red dentist tabs? You remember the ones. In kindergarten they'd come in and make you chew one up to show who was brushing well and who wasn't, thus beginning the self-conscious paranoia in each little child's heart that something is wrong with their teeth?

Oh? Just me....Let's move on.

As usual, we just used the normal PAAS kit, and I only have 1 beef with it. Do we really need 3 different shades of blue in the kit? Since when is "denim" a color that is so basic it needs to be included in the standard kit of colors?

And here is my second beef with the standard PAAS kit: only 1 wire/dipper thing? Do they really think there are a lot of people out there dying Easter eggs ALONE? Isn't it kind of a family/roommate/group activity? Don't those little dippers cost like .03 cents each? Why so stingy? I mean, the ear doctor and I actually had to share it while we waited.

The thing I love the most is watching the ear doctor come up with new and funny ways to dye the eggs. While I love to just make bright patterns, he always makes them into something. This year what did he make? Well just take a look...this are across the top:

From left to right, his are: a CU egg (do you have any idea how much work it takes to get brown right?), a "club promoter" egg (complete with pink fitted button down shirt and cuff-links), an anatomically correct brain, and a plumber wearing his DENIM jeans too low...


Greeneyes said...

You two make me laugh. Egg-cellent artwork!

TRS said...


Maybe this is just a trait of an anal-retentive family like mine - but my mom kept the egg dipper from kits years previous in the junk drawer. Eventually we had enough for every color!!

And yes, the tablets remind me of the dentist visit to elementary school.

cropstar said...

This is my favorite post you've ever done for the following reasons:
1) hilarious use of the dipper
2) impressive art work on the eggs
3) one dipper? seriously paas? ONE?
4) teeth-scum tablets. i loved them but was also filled with paranoia/panic every time we had to chew them.

{erica} said...

I laughed when I read this because
1.I took think of the pink tablet we'd have to chew and then smile with fear in the mirror to see how bad our mouth was while placing the tablets in our cups.

2.Apparently my girls are part English like the ear doctor...offfering tea and crumpets to us the night of FHE as well.

3.Your lone cheerio bowl = our lone christmas cup

4.I asked the same question to McVet last night regarding the 3 blues. Why?

5.Our kit came with 2 wire egg holder thingys...we're special :)

Great post. Great pose as well.

{erica} said...

p.s. his eggs crack me up, although I do believe that the brain needs a few more "wrinkles" to be exactly anatomically correct :)

wide open spaces said...

those eggs are HILARIOUS> no reason to fret - you two are gonna make funny babies.