Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My day downtown

Last night the ear doctor and I took our annual trip to Jen & Jerry's for free cone day. The shop is right smack in the middle of Pearl Street, a place I love with all my heart. It's 4 blocks in the center of the city dedicated to an outdoor pedestrian mall and it always exhibits the best cross-section of Boulder life. If you ever come to visit me, this is one place we will defiantly go.

Walking down this street you can see everything from homeless hippies banging their bongos to crazy out of control co-eds to uber-tan, ultra-fit, septuagenarian millionaires who just ran 20 miles around the city and are stopping by for some free range, organic chicken salad.

On our walk last night we noticed a new restaurant...a glorified potato bar. I had to take a picture for my pal Sarah who LOVES Boulder, but HATES potato bars....

On Pearl Street you can get pretty much any service, including a $10/5 minute massage from this slightly creepy, pony-tail wearing masseur. Would you pay this guy to give you a neck rub?

And last, but certainly not least, Boulder thinks of the kids. Did you know that there are more dogs per capita that kids in the city limits? Maybe that's why the playground here is a bunch of big boulders nestled in dirty gravel surrounded by a brick pit?

Sounds like a concussion waiting to happen.


Janssen said...

I love downtowns. . .aren't they so fun? Even with rock parks.

Robyn said...

That big rock pit is exactly where Natalie spent her time while I ate my free cone yesterday! (she had a lick, but was way more interested in the rocks - I'm not sure she's mine anymore!)

Maggie said...

At this point I'd pay anyone to give me a good massage. Unfortunately I wouldn't actually fit into one of those chairs.

PS. Charlotte would be all over those rocks.

Raven said...

We are coming to Denver in June and I'm sure might be making a trip over to Boulder while we are there, I think I will have to hit up the potato bar. That is awesome! I love potatoes!

Will be avoiding creepy massage guy, however.

marta said...

your blog always makes me smile. the pictures are so fun and true to life.

and ice cream. mmmm.