Friday, April 24, 2009

Pass the patchouli

For weeks I've been itching to get my balcony container garden started. I've got the containers and the seeds, but need to pick up a couple of bags of good dirt...oh, and clear out the old dead stalks from last years failed tomato attempt.

This morning I forwarded the video that Jordan posted to my mom. I told her that I was inspired and wanted to do something like these people one day. I told her I wanted to be an urban farmer.

I think growing a garden like this in the back yard would be SOOO fulfilling for me:

She laughed at me and said I'd been living in Boulder too long.

I had to point out that it was her fresh spring pea beds that lured my best friend and I out to the garden in the middle of the night to pick and eat fresh produce by the light of our pink anodized maglites. We were in high school and giddy to eat their green little goodness right off the vine. It's her fault I love working in dirt and Barbra Kingslovers fault I want to grow veggies.

Living in Boulder has nothing to do with it. I promise.

It's probably a good thing I didn't mention my newest desire to raise chickens and start a bee colony....


Maggie said...

Whenever I think of chickens I think of how much Grandma Jane HATES them and so will never, ever have any desire to raise them. Even if I would get fresh eggs. Hard boiled fresh eggs are harder to peel anyway.

PS. It's Mom's fault you love to read and thus read Barbara Kingsolver in the first place so really you could blame EVERYTHING on her.

Lady Susan said...

That clip was amazing! We are trying a vegetable garden for the first time this year in addition to our herb garden. I am really excited for our fresh lettuces, onions, carrots, and cukes. I am going to post soon pictures of our little sprouts.

Good luck with your container garden!

{Erica} said...

seriously you need to talk to my mom. She's been starting seeds all winter and we haev a huge garden, had chickens and did the bee thing growing up. she can send you some amazing seeds (she trades them online ...think pogs or pokemon trading...hahaha!)

Robyn said...

My radishes, lettuce and mustard greens are all peeking through right now! And peppers and artichokes (first time), and I don't remember what are started in the basement on the heating pads under the light. Good stuff!!

And it's Barbara Kingsolvers fault that I make my own Mozzarella cheese now too, (and I guess that led to the yogurt making, so I'll blame her for that too.)

Janssen said...

Wow, I love that. Someday I want a big garden.