Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sick Streaks

Our new across the hall neighbors are gross. Gross with a capital G.

Their major offense? They have the world's leakiest garbage and drag/spill it down the 2 flights of stairs that we share in order to get to our parking lot. Almost every morning I am met with this kind of horrifying sight:

What kind of person does that? Who doesn't notice they are leaving a huge smear of nastiness wherever their bag goes and freakin DOUBLE BAG it!?!?! Times are NOT that tough. It makes me want to get protective booties to wear over my shoes.

The only thing that fixes my mood after seeing a scene play out like this is a new-found joy in my life. There is a radio station here in the Denver area called "The Party." It's been around awhile and I never listened to it because I figured with a dumb name like "The Party" it had to be focused on the 11 to 17 year old demographic.

However, when I got a new battery for my car all my preset stations were wiped and I had to search around to find them again. This happy accident led me to "The Party."

And I was is a music station for teenie-boppers. But not today's teenie-boppers....the teenie-boppers of the 1990's!!! (That'd be me!)

I can't tell you how the melodic offerings of Lauryn Hill's Killing Me Softly has soothed my soul after almost slipping in the neighbor's grease slick. How passionately I sing along with TQ and his account of life in the Westside. How deeply I feel Gwen Stefani's pain while I belt out that I, too, would like you to not speak. How really and truly I, like my good buddy Montell Jordan, know how we do it.

Now if only I could get my dumb neighbors to figure out how we do it too.


Megs said...

Who's garbage leaks every time? I understand having leaky trash every once in a while, but if was leaking every time I took it out then I think I'd change something. Is the trash trail bloody? Maybe your neighbors are psycho killers. Watch your back.

Jeanelle said...

I'm much older than you but I love to sing "ever since I was a lower case G, but now I'm a big g, the girls see I got the money, a hundred dollar bills ya'll..." I wish we had a "party" station here.

CageQueen said...

Despite being in the Los Angeles demographic, there are no good stations. I am jealous of your nineties tunes! The radio station my husband proposed to me on used to be my fave but now even they stink since Clear Channel did a "reorg" on them. Sad face!

I think you should buy a pack of industrial trash bags and leave the box on their porch with a nice, anonymous note.

Melinda said...

Ew. That is really nasty to do in a common area!!!

And the music is awesome. My latest is to listen to the podder in the car while the kids enjoy their Raffi, etc... from the cd player.

Katie said...

That is nasty pants. I agree with Megs' comment. The occasional trash leak- understandable. Daily? Weird. Slimey.

I'm happy to have found your blog after you won the first-comment-ever prize on mine. Good stuff, lady!

TRS said...

That is gross.
I have a similar problem INSIDE my building (thankfully on the industrial back stairs and not the nice, carpeted entry stairs) ...someone has leaky eggs every time!

The worst was when someone let their dogs pee dry on the metal stairs. Nice.

I like cage queen's idea.
I'm too old to relate to your teeny bopper music. How sad is that?

Hannah said...

Question: Is there anything Lauryn Hill cannot heal?
Answer: NO. Her powers are limitless.

Stephanie said...

I wish I had a station like that!

I wonder what your neighbor's trash can looks/smells like if their garbage always leaks. Ewwww....

Kylene said...

Hahaa! I love you, Katie.