Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No wrinkles here

As you all know, I'm a red head. The type of red head that steps into the sun and IMMEDIATELY begins to sunburn. Unless you are close friends with an albino, you've probably never met anyone with a greater propensity toward the burn that myself.

As a result every summer I scour the market to find the newest and best sunblock around. Last year I found myself a tube of SPF 80 and I thought I was at the top of my game. How could it possibly get any better? Well it does. Feast your little eyes on this product:

The ear doctor just shakes his head at my fanatical desire to maximize my sun blocking abilities. So, I sent him a link to this product. I thought he would be as excited by my find as I was.

He wasn't. He suggested this alternative:

Intriguing....it would certainly get the job done....


Chessie said...

Holy albino Batman! I thought I was rocking with my SPF 55, but you win hands down. =)

allimarie said...

HA! That ear doctor... Silly guy!!