Monday, April 20, 2009


This weekend I helped throw a party for roughly 100 people. The original plan was to hold the event Friday at 6 pm.

Friday morning Denver got it's last exciting middle of spring snow storm. As I looked out my office window and saw the snow on my sill topping out at 8 inches I was pretty sure the party wasn't going to happen. After a flurry of emails the decision was made to reschedule the party for Saturday night. Hundreds of calls were made to every person invited to tell them the new plan.

This was the moment when 16 year old Katie starts to whisper, "this is going to be just like your birthday when you invited 40 people and 6 showed up...give aren't that cool."

But I looked her in the eye and told her to just go back to her insecure hole. The party would go on!

Saturday at about 3 pm we went to the venue and realized that the wet heavy snow had found its way under the dilapidated shingles. We were informed that water in light fixtures is a bad idea. Apparently this WATER was a fire hazard. Yeah, I didn't ever think that water could pose a fire threat, but I guess I'm wrong.

So, 3 hours before the party a second set of a hundred call were made and location of said party was changed. At this point I was pretty sure that no one would come. The roads were covered in deep, slushy snow and had I not been an organizer I'm not sure if I would have braved them to make my way.

At 5:45 the tables were set, the music playing and the food just about ready to serve.

And the hall was empty.

FEAR rushed over me. No one was coming. With all the changes and upsets I thought, surely, people would throw in the towel.

I . was . wrong .

In 20 minutes the hall was filled with happy, excited, friendly faces despite the crazy weather. All in all 30 lbs of carnitas tacos were consumed, 2 pinatas mangled by excited, overfed children and all 100 people had a great time.

So there, 16-year-old-self, you aren't too bad after all.

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Miss B. said...

Hey Katie-

I am two secs away from adding your name to the winning tab at the bright side project. Come over see what you won...