Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Livin in the hood

The ear doctor officially declared last night the two most ghetto things about me are thus:

1) I smuggle a bag of pre-popped microwave popcorn into the movies. $5 for the stuff they sell there? I think not.


2) I'm really, absurdly excited for the new Dollar Tree store to open up just minutes from my house. What? Who doesn't like finding craft/project supplies for a dollar each?

Really, he should be proud that I've made these kind of money-saving changes in my life. Doesn't he know that I was the girl 5 years ago who went to jcrew and BOUGHT new clothes instead of doing laundry?!?!?!


Knot said...

You'll appreciate it. And I feel the same way. My shower soap is from there. It smells good and I like it.

Second, your comments don't work from the exact link. You must know this.

Kelly said...

The Ear Doctor would probably think I was super ghetto then. I pop actual popcorn kernel in a Whirley-Pop, put it in a big Ziploc bag, and smuggle it into the theater. About 4,000 time cheaper AND I think better.

Anonymous said...

Remember when I gave the cousins money to shop at McFrugles. You were in charge and it wook 3/4 of a day. This must be a carry over from childhood.
grandma jane