Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogger to Blogger

I'm so excited to share my little blogger to blogger interview with you this week! If you don't know Emily's blog where she shares her awesome style, you are in for a REAL treat! I love this girl, and in my eyes, she can do no wrong.

Emily asked: What was the 12 year old Katie like? How are you the same today?

Katie answered: It's funny that you ask, because right now I'm probably more like 12 year old Katie than I've ever been. I went through a rough patch (high school, undergrad) where I felt very insecure and kind of lame. I thought everyone was judging me and as a result I was very harsh and judgemental. 12 year old Katie would not have liked the older version of herself at all.

However in the last 5 years I've really learned to lighten up. To laugh and be goofy. To not try so hard to try to convince everyone else that I've got it all together. Because, really, I don't. Wonder and excitement have come back to me and that is how 12 year old Katie would have had it.

12 year old Katie was fascinated by flight and Egypt. She wanted to explore the Oceans. She wanted to eat a whole box of cheezits without any restriction and she loved playing with her friends. That's pretty much me today.

Emily asked: When did you know that engineering was the right career for you? Did someone inspire you to make that choice?

Katie answered: I've always liked science and math. I blame my parents for sending me to science camp when I was little and for getting me both a microscope and telescope. I'd dream about how to build things and once, at 16, found myself in the middle of an alpine lake lashing dead logs together to make a raft for myself.

My mom realized what I was before I did. She suggested that I look into engineering when I got to college. I remember my first engineering class which was basically a 1 credit weekly lecture where they talked about different topics. The first or second lecture was all about how people invented the tempering process for glass windshields that makes it safe for use in front of people in cars and I was hooked.

Engineering is amazing. You learn basic principles of the universe and then combine that with your creative mind to make life better for all humanity. It takes the raw creativity of an artist mixed with the scientific know-how of a physicist to be a good engineer.

Emily asked: If you could quit everything right now and do whatever you wanted for the rest of the day...what would you do?

Katie answered: Well, it is beautiful right now and I just found out that you can actually take DOGS into Rocky Mountain National park! I'd grab the ear doctor and Roscoe and head up to the mountains. We'd stop by Big Al's BBQ shack for lunch and get a little white box of maple with walnut fudge in Estes Park. Then we'd hike until sunset.

And then it was my turn to do the asking...

Katie asked: You always seem to be so polished and put together. Do you really feel that way?

Emily answered: Wouldn't that be nice!? I'm far from always polished or put together. I have the boniest elbows on the planet, a penchant for dropping food on the floor during parties and have more than my share of insecurities. But I do try. I've always been fascinated by "adulthood", even as a kid. I couldn't wait to get my first pair of heels and have my own apartment. Being an adult comes with all these great opportunities to dress-up, eat chocolate whenever you want, have fancy things, throw fun parties, and travel around the world. I love being an adult!

Katie asked: What is the biggest difference between dating and being married to Rob?

Emily answered: Married life has been delightful! After living together for 7 years, I wasn't sure anything would change in our relationship. But now that we're married we're more focused on taking care of each other and it really feels like our own little family. The one big difference I noticed right after the wedding is that I worry now about Rob's safety. On our honeymoon hikes and adventures, I worried constantly!

Katie asked: People say that blogging is narcissistic. How do you respond?

Emily answered: There's a thin margin between self-reflection and narcissism. I honestly don't see a lot of the narcissistic side, at least in our blog "community." It's funny to put that in quotes because I really do see it as a community. Blogging is all about sharing your life with others. Which seems to me to be an act of generosity. Following other people's blogs has helped me become more open and less judgmental. For my own blog, writing helps me focus on the fact that my life is pretty great right now. Blogging helps me stress less and appreciate life more. Community, acceptance, appreciation...all good things!


MrsEm said...

Ha! That photo is pure genius. I laughed out loud when I saw it. I love that I'm a dress-wearing, champagne-sabering pirate!

syleegurl said...

Awwww...I loved this! I have to concur...Emily is the master of the chapagne sabering! I stand in awe! :)

Jeanelle said...

This is just such a fun feature -- love it!! Emily's question about 12 year old Katie was so good. I need to ponder and try to remember what the 12 year old me was like. Hmm...

Kylene said...

I love this! Especially the last Q! I've often asked myself that...great stick figures, btw! ;)