Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blogger to Blogger

This week I have the privilege to hang out with another Katie (k8 for future reference)! What? You aren't read Replikate yet? YOU ARE MISSING OUT, my friend. Just get a load of these great answers and questions!

K8 asked: Sometimes single people have ideas about what marriage will be like that don't turn out to be true. What is one thing about being married that has been a surprise?

Katie (me) answered: I thought marriage meant that I'd have to give up my fierce sense of independence and every decisions would be a painful compromise. That I'd never get to do things the way that I wanted to do them.


When you marry someone very compatible your choices and decisions are eerily similar. I never feel that struggle to be myself or do things a certain way because the ear doctor generally wants to do things the same way I do. It was really nervous about this before getting married and it has turned out to be a non-issue for us. It's awesome.

The major adjustment I've had to make is I can't watch Gossip Girl or America's Next Top Model or reruns of Gilmore Girls as much as I want. I've got to find times when he's not around because it's just not nice to watch him scratch out his eyeballs with a rusty spoon.

K8 asked: If you could give your sixteen year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Katie answered: Lighten up.

I keep thinking of other advice I'd give myself. I'd say people don't care as much about you as they do about themselves, so stop being so insecure. Or try EVERYTHING. Or keep in touch with this girl, Brooke, who is your best friend now because she is going to lead an amazing life. Or be nice to your mom, she's actually very cool. Or try doing a aren't as uncoordinated as you think. Spend more time with your little sister because you won't always be together everyday. Be proud of driving that old red truck with the Tasmanian Devil mudflaps because it's going to be the source of a lot of great stories in the future. Take an auto shop class.

K8 asked: Tell me all about your very favorite characteristic about yourself.

Katie answered: Jeez, what is this, and interview question? I didn't know I was trying to get a job with your company....

I can make things happen. I attribute this to my mother who is so awesomely Type A and proud of it. I've never met anyone who can so effortlessly pull together so many things at the same time. She taught me to be organized and hardworking and thorough. I may not be the most creative or innovative person in a group, but I have the unique ability to put ideas together and make them happen. A party for 100 people with a minuscule budget and no time to plan? Sign me up. A project at work that involves conflicting personalities and has ground to a halt? I can tackle that. A huge field covered in weeds and crab grass that you want turned into a lush oasis? I'm the girl for the job.

and turning the tables....

Katie asked: How do you simultaneously search out great new music and not become a pretentious music snob?

K8 answered:Considering my own tastes have evolved so much over the years I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a leg to stand on if I decided to get too uppity about what I like now!

I think it's always a danger when you really love something-whether it's food or music or art or cars or whatever-of becoming a jerk about things you consider to be "below" you. I read an article years ago about the difference between a "foodie" and a "gourmet". The gourmet was considered a person with refined tastes who search out the best food while a "foodie" is someone who simply loves food and will enjoy anything from a hole in the wall taco joint to a high priced steak house. I decided then I would always rather be a foodie then a gourmet when it came to things I loved. Music fills so many needs in me and sometimes Taylor Swift's "Love Song" is more what I need then the very best Radiohead song. I value quality in my music but I think there is so much great stuff out there, and it's so varied, that I don't have time to turn up my nose too much.

Katie asked: You live so far from family and obviously miss them terribly. Would you consider giving up your rock 'n roll lifestyle to be near them? Why or why not?

K8 answered: Well Katie, this question is pretty much the through story of my life's movie. For a girl who is as obsessive about her family as I am, it's funny that I've spent the better part of 14 years not living near them. I learned long ago that I have to balance the part of myself that would love nothing more then to live next to my sister and go to family Sunday dinner every week with the part of me that is always always always looking for the next challenge. I spent my twenties taking every great opportunity I could get my hands on and I definitely wouldn't take back any of those experiences. I've had a great life and I feel like so many of my teenage fears about how things would "turn out" have been successfully avoided. However, the last year or so I've started thinking that no adventure sounds as wonderful as having my nephews knowing who I am. So I will balance that with the the knowledge that I still need to have meaningful personal opportunities whether that be professional or romantic or whatever and who knows...that might exchanging Christmas vacations in Utah for a more permanent spot.

Katie asked: What is the best job you've ever had and what made it so awesome?

K8 answered: This one is easy and I'm afraid that you only have to meet me for about five minutes to know the answer. My job at the Olympics in Salt Lake was pretty much the highlight of my career thus far and I kind of think it always will be. I still remember the day Salt Lake got the bid and feeling half desperate to be involved. I lucked right into a job in the Sport department in Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating and spent two ridiculously fun years getting ready for the Games. I enjoyed everything about it-I had two fantastic bosses who really believed in me and gave me lots of opportunities to learn and grow, I made dear dear friends with coworkers that are still going strong nine years later, I met interesting people from all over the world and got a front row seat to an event that brings the whole world together. One Wednesday afternoon we were at a company sponsored picnic at the Utah Olympic Park, sitting on the grass and enjoying being outside. One of the older guys on the team walked over and looked at the group of young, talented, attractive kids flirting with each other in the sun in the middle of a work day and said, "you guys know this place isn't reality right?" And I think we all laughed and said, "we know". But we didn't really know. As it gets further away I have less of a tendency to make my current job compete with that experience but my time there almost glows when I think about it. It was a ton of work and I know there were tough times but almost every single day I would think-I AM SO LUCKY! I hope I get more chances in my life to feel that way.

Your turn. How do you respond to one of our questions?


allimarie said...

I LOVE both the question and answer to "what advice would you give your 16 year old self." I actually think about this often. Especially as of late when I looked back on old pictures from late junior high and early high school.

I had such a terrible self esteem about my body and looks, because I was such a late-bloomer and the boys could have cared less about me. But looking back, I was super cute and should have thought more of myself.

Especially since looking back, I now know how NON-important boys opinions back there should be.

k8 said...

ahaha, i love my running shoes! Thanks for letting me play with you katie, this was such a fun thing to do. I love learning more about you AND hearing that marriage doesn't mean losing your independence. Relief!

Megs said...

Oh that lovely k8. i think i'm almost as obsessed with her family as she is. if she moves next door to her nephew i'm going to move into the other next door.

these weekly features are such a kick. love it.