Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Blogger to Blogger

If you haven't had the chance to head over to She blogs, She blogs, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!? Alison, the talented, beautiful, awesome author is just about as great as they get. But, word of warning, don't read her posts with a mouthful of diet coke unless you like the cruel burn of carbonation in your sinuses.

Alison asked: As an LDS blogger what are your policies on referencing church or other uniquely LDS phrases? Do you think about it, or do you just speak as you normally would?

Katie answered: I ALWAYS think about this...and I'll tell you why.

For my 21st birthday I had a big group of friends all go out to dinner. I had about 10 friends that I'd met through church and 10 friends that I'd met at work. I thought it would be awesome to let my worlds collide and that everyone would have a blast getting to know new people.

I was wrong.

My church friends just talked to each other and used so much church jargon that they left my work friends feeling isolated and stupid. I was so frustrated I could barely stand it. I promised myself from then on to be very careful to only use words and phrases that everyone in the general public can understand. When I feel like I must use a church specific word I try my hardest to explain it to my reader so that everyone can understand and feel included.

Alison asked: What's the best compliment someone could give you about your blog?

Katie answered: Really, any time anyone says anything nice about my blog my little heart beats faster and a smile spreads from ear to ear. There are very few things that make me so proud. This blog is such an extension of myself that praise is very personally felt. It goes right to the little insecure spot in my soul and helps erase it away.

Having said that I specifically love it when someone says that I a) made them laugh or b) make them think. One time my grandpa read and told me that I should have been a writer...Ill NEVER forget that.

Alison asked: Maybe I missed it along the way, but what's the story behind your profile picture? It's too good to be true.

Katie answered: Actually, I don't think anyone has ever asked...and it's a shame because that picture cracks me up.

Last year the ear doctor and I went to South Dakota for a road trip and stopped by at a huge woolly mammoth dig. The ear doctor loves dinosaurs and paleontology with the undying affection of a 10 year old I knew we had to go there. That picture is me standing and posing with the bottom jaw of a mammoth. Cool, huh!?!?!

and then...

Katie asked: If you could suddenly be the BEST at one talent/activity/thing what would you choose?

Alison answered: I'm pretty upset about the fact that I have almost zero musical talent. I think genetics are to blame...but then again, I never practiced when I was given lessons. I mostly just argued. But if I had stuck to it I think I would have made a really good lead singer or pop star. So if I could wake up tomorrow with a new skill it would be that I would become a triple threat like J-Lo.

Katie asked: What is your favorite thing about Pennsylvania?

Alison answered: The east coast and I generally don't see eye to eye. My self-deprecating humor baffles most people I try to have friendly chats with. But I do love how close Pennsylvania is to a lot of really amazing places. You can hop on over to D.C., NYC and even check out the liberty bell. Which, by the way, is WAY smaller than you think it's going to be. It's also cool to see the European influences in the architecture and old homes. The west coast is much younger.

Katie asked: What are the little things that Eric does to show you he cares? What do you do for him?

Alison answered: Eric is always nice to me. No matter how snarky I get, how crazy my emotions jump, or how depressed for no apparent reason I become, Eric is never mean. He always speaks to me with kindness and love. He also tells me everyday that I look pretty. And I never get tired of hearing it from him. In fact, I'm so spoiled that if I get dressed for the day and he doesn't make a comment on how cute I look, I will kind of follow him around showing off my outfit until he remembers to tell me. He never withholds love. As for keeping him happy, I think it's really true that most husbands are happy if their wives are happy. So I try not to let myself go too insane. He also loves when I cook, so even if I'm not in the mood I try to always make him good food.


Alison said...

Thanks babe! Love your answers! Such a treat.

Alexandra said...

love your blog!