Monday, July 13, 2009

Product Endorsement

I don't usually use this little corner of the web to post about products. There are so many better, prettier, cooler blogs out there showing us awesome ways to spend our hard earned pennies. I don't really feel like I can offer anything unique or interesting to that discussion, so I tend to stay away.


Saturday night we hosted a really awesome game night. One of our classy guests called ahead to ask if she could bring anything. I told her not to go to any trouble at all...just come and bring her winning personality. She, of course, just could not arrive empty handed. And, boy oh boy, and I glad she didn't!

She brought these little beauties:

These cocoa roasted almonds have changed my life. For the past 36 hours it just hasn't been the same. I can't stop eating these little gems! I had them last night while checking blogs:

And while watching Uncle Buck:

And then I just couldn't fall asleep without them:

And then this morning I needed more while I was showering:

And I needed extra strength that only cocoa roasted almonds can provide while ironing my shirt:

And I could never have completed my hour-long commute without them:

All in all, this is my new favorite addiction. RUN, don't walk, to Costco and get yourself some of their chocolaty goodness!


{Erica} said...

The shower...hahahaha!

I'm making a trip to costco on wednesday and I just might have to get some of those. I love almonds. Are they chocolate covered?

Anonymous said...

May be you better check what is in them. I Wonder....

Reb said...

You are the funniest...thank you for the shower shot!

MSmith said...

I get the big bag of raw almonds from Costco and cannot leave them alone! How's the new job?
Love, Aunti M

dad said...

Who took the shower picture, did you share the almonds with him?

Heather said...

Love your glasses!