Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sharpen your pencil

When I was little my mom gave me a pad of graph paper. White paper with a 1/4 inch blue grid printed all over it.

I loved this pad...and why?

Because I would spend HOURS laying out the floor plan for my dream bedroom. The typical features of this "bedroom" pretty much always include the following:

-A secret single lane bowling alley
-A big pit filled with foam like at my gymnastics lessons
-A dark room to develop film
-An entertainment area with every cool gaming system
-A water bed
-A normal bed
-A soda fountain complete with dumbwaiter to send stuff to my mom in the kitchen
-A room totally covered in inflatable cushions like a huge permanent jumpy castle

Making these plans would occupy hours and hours of my time. I'd even measure out standard door widths and chair sizes so that it was as accurate as possible.

And so it probably comes as no surprise that when I started college I seriously considered becoming an architect. However, sad for me, BYU did not have an architecture program. I ended up in a very similar field where I used a lot of very similar skills...but floor plans still kind of thrill me to the core.

Add that to the recent house hunt and I'm a full-blown house designing enthusiast at the moment. Which is probably why the site Slow Home has been sucking and free time I have. I just can't get enough of it. If you have a few minutes and you like analysing floor plans then this is the place for you!


Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

I would do the same thing. I still love looking at house plans and imagining what the spaces would look like. Someday I would LOVE to design my own house.

CJ said...

i did the same thing! i learned pretty quickly, though, that architecture wasn't for me as i detested math.

Melinda said...

I love it when you post memories!!! I always end up thinking about what I did as a kid. Thank you for being a fabulous blogger!!!

allimarie said...

When I was little, I always looked through my mom's southern living magazines at the featured house plan. I LOVED looking at the plans and imagining how I would lay a house out and decorate it.