Tuesday, July 28, 2009


One Christmas when my little sister was about 5 she received the perfect gift. The kind of gift that thrilled her to the core. The kind of gift that left the giver overwhelmed with joy to have given such a perfect gift.

What was this object that made my little sister's heart swell with excitement? What made her little face crack open with a smile so big her face wasn't large enough to contain it? What gift will forever live in infamy in the memory of my family?

Surely it must have been a barbie dream house? Right? Or a shiny pink bike complete with banana seat and rainbow handlebar tassels? Or maybe a brand new puppy?

It was none of these.

It was an electric slot car racing set.

Yup, as soon as her little blue eyes fell on those hand-held controllers with their whippy little antennae she looked up at our parents and with the glee only truly expressed by the joy of a 5 year old exclaimed, "Oh, mommy, it's TWICE what I WANTED!!!!!!!!!!"

And now, more than 2 decades later this phrase has lodged itself in the vocabulary of my family. Only when a gift is really truly appreciated and loved is it deemed twice what the recipient wanted. Attaining this appellation is the goal of every family gift. It is judiciously granted only when truly warranted.

That time has come again. Feast your eyes on what the ear doctor MADE me for my birthday:

Have you ever seen anything so lovely? I can't wait to put it in our new house and fill it with pictures, books and mementos that remind me of how much I love this man! Plus, how could you not love something wrapped with a big red satin ribbon and dedicated by a hello kitty birthday card?

Babe, it truly is TWICE what I wanted!


allimarie said...

OMG! I LOVE IT!!! What a FABULOUS gift!!! Gifts from the heart (and hands) are absolutely the best!

dad said...


mosey along said...

Is the ear doctor perhaps taking orders? Those husbands... they're the best, aren't they?
Happy Birthday!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

What a great guy. That's awesome.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That is the coolest present! Lucky lucky girl!

k said...

Love it!

{Erica} said...

So awesome! It means so much more because he made it for you. Points to the ear doctor :)

TRS said...

THat is beautiful... looks flawless from here.

And I love the 'Twice what I wanted' family inside meaning.
I may incorporate that myself.

All we got from my nephew was saying Hedaget for headache. I still say it. Oh... and he called my sis-in-law Ree instead of Sherry - and we still use that occasionally too.