Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stolen property

Do you have any really defined roles in your relationship? Because we sure do in ours.

In our partnership it is my job to get the mail...mainly because I LOVE opening letters. But lately every single package has been for the ear doctor. And usually this wouldn't bum me out, but my birthday is coming up in the next few weeks and seeing a package smashed so lovingly by the mailman in our tiny box kind of thrills me to the core.

I get flash-backs of the birthday boxes my grandma used to send me when I was 7. They'd be absolutely COVERED with packing tape, more to prevent premature prying by little anxious fingers than to ensure safe delivery. I was the kid who opened all her gifts early...I couldn't stand the suspense. These boxes would be so strapping-tape encased that my mom would have to whip out a full sized bowie knife to open the suckers.

So now you realize why seeing package after package marked for the ear doctor is a bit of a let down.

You see, my amazing husband has found and fully capitalized on the $1 used book off Amazon. For the past 2 weeks we've steadily received these books and the ear doctor is over the moon about it. Most of the books he's getting are for the course he'll be teaching at CU in the they're about race and culture.

I never really understood how people were really making a profit off selling a $1 book. I mean, it can't cost them much less than that to procure it, right?


Turns out the ear doctor has been buying "hot" books off the Amazon used books black market.

I gotta keep a closer eye on that guy...soon we'll have a pet tiger or something.


Holly said...

They are probably books that the librarians have weeded out of their collection. Some libraries throw them away, others sell to a third party, and still others have their own book sales.

I'd still keep a close eye on the ear doctor, though ;)

Courtney said...

!!!! Stolen goods!!!!

should I alert the authorities???

allimarie said...

I totally think this is a case of libraries giving away/selling books and people re-selling for a penny here and a penny there.

At least that's what I would choose to believe.

Anonymous said...

The "hot" books seem to go along with your "borrowed" wifi. I am sure your cable company would LOVE to hear about what you're doing. You do know that stealing wireless internet connections is against the law in Colorado?