Friday, July 03, 2009

Cool Denver House Friday

So, do you like this house or not?

The two-toned brick is kind of, well, interesting. Am I being blinded by that adorable old (probably original) kitchen sink?

All this vintage charm could be ours for $175. It's the magic 3 bed 2 bath combination with an amazing 2789 sq feet.
Should we get it?


TRS said...

Yes Yes Yes!! if you don't buy it I will!!

The coffered ceilings in the front living room!! Oh! It's a shame they're painted 1970s green, but if you dedicate the time strip it- it will probably blow your mind!!

The glass front cabinets in the kitchen. Do die for! the rest of the lay out in that kitchen might be tricky... but totally worth it to figure out.

Oh - and a fireplace in the downstairs great room? wow! what a rec room that could be.

This house is fantastic - oh and the two toned brick exterior is pretty typical of the time period. It actually looks like my friend's house.. you'll grow to love it.

TRS said...

Oh - on second thought, that's a little too close to Colfax in that neighborhood. While the proximity to Sloan's Lake is appealing, the proximity to St. Anthony's Hospital puts you a little too close to some undesirable traffic.

I could be wrong. Investigate this very closely before committing.

Maggie said...

That house looks great. That kitchen could be awesome with just a little re-configuration. This one looks really cool.

dad said...

But It

dad said...

Don't but it, buy it, the keys are too close together

Anonymous said...

I also think this house looks like a good deal, defintely a fixer-upper, but a good deal. The only thing that would need to stay in the kitchen are those built-ins, while the rest could go and an island could be added to accomodate your cooktop. Or a number of other options. Everything else looks like it just needs some updating and polish to the existing character elements. The two tone brick looks fine and a brick house cuts down on painting costs. I don't know about the surrounding area notes added by the earlier poster, but this house seems to warrant further investigation. Plus I saw it's close to Bronco Stadium (lame, it's still Mile High). Plus the cheap price tag would allow you the money to fix it up. Go visit it, even if you're not ready to buy right now.

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