Monday, July 20, 2009

Setting my offering at thine feet

I feel like the ear doctor and I have made our first real offering up to the homebuying Gods.

Instead of spending a perfect Colorado summer weekend camping beside an alpine lake we found ourselves driving, eyes peeled for addresses and the tell-tale red balloons indicating open houses. We didn't get to tell jokes and stories around a crackling campfire, our bellies full of foil dinners and smores. Oh no. We spent our time talking to pushy/desperate real estate agents about old water heaters and cracks in foundation. We didn't wake up in a cool tent to the chirping of birds and the scuttling sounds of squirrel feet. Instead we went from unconditioned house to unconditioned house smelling old cat pee and dank 100 year old basements.

We made this offering in the hopes that fortune would smile down on us and reward us with a house. A home. A place we can paint the walls, fix the crown moulding and move on in. A place Roscoe can romp in the back yard and we can have friends over for game night.

So now that we've made the sacrifice I feel more hopeful that great properties will begin to come our way. Because, if not? I want my weekend back!


Kari said...

So exciting! I hope all goes well! It is a daunting task...but so worth it in the end!

TRS said...

I have friends who told me that they looked at 40 different houses before they picked the one they bought. 40!

(this was in Denver)
I was shocked! But later learned that that is normal.

I, on the other hand, looked at 4 condos before I settled on mine.

I figured out what I could and couldn't afford, and what I had to do without - in 4 showings.
I've been in this condo for more than 5 years now.
I'd probably be choosier about a house... especially if it involved two people to agree on the house.

Good Luck!

Greeneyes said...

Rock on, House Hunters! The whole trip is a heartrending process, dripping with raw emotion. And it is truly awesome. Best wishes!