Tuesday, July 21, 2009

no dents here

I'm really starting to enjoy my new job. The whirlwind feeling of I-don't-know-what-the-crap-is-going-on is dying down to a lilting breeze of uncertainty. The ground beneath my feet has stopped shifting like quicksand and is now just a slightly ramped floor...not sure, but navigable.

The only thing I really can't stand is the commute. How do you people do it? I've never before had a commute longer than 15 minutes. And now I drive at least an hour all the way across the city. It's mind numbing and frustrating and so annoying to lose 2 hours of my day just in transportation.

2 hours that I could be spending with my lovely husband meticulously checking zillow.com for magically appearing houses for sale (we've become a bit fanatical lately).

And since I had to get to work this morning at 7 am I found myself falling asleep at 9:30 last night.

And since I went to bed so early I missed the torrential downpour, tornado touchdown 15 miles away, and the resulting golf ball sized hail that built up 3 inches deep.

And, worst of all, I missed my wonderful husband running out into the feverish pitch to move my car from it's vulnerable open parking spot to more suitable, covered protection. My husband, who HATES to get his clothes wet while he's wearing them. My husband who was bone tired last night after a long day of work. My husband who could have just sat in bed and continued reading his book.

That's my awesome husband!


Janssen said...

I'll have an almost 30 mile commute each way starting this fall. Bring on the audiobooks!

Holly said...

Books on tape saved me when I had a long communte. I actually enjoyed the drive!

dad said...

My commute is Three Seconds.

allimarie said...

Aww!! Yay ear doctor!!