Friday, May 27, 2005

Coolest Blog Yet

Unlike a lot of people my age, I really like older people.

They fascinate me.

They've lead lives 3 times longer than my own and it just amazes me to hear stories they tell and think about what will transpire in my own life before I get to a similar point.

I could sit for hours listening to my grandpa tell his stories about growing in up in a small mining town in Utah, or the times he spent working at the steel factory.

Listening to my grandma talk about how poor she was when she was little during the depression and war is so intriguing to me.

Well, I found someone who is doing that for me on the internet.

Let me introduce you to Abraham from Brookville, Ohio.

I love his blog(s).


the narrator said...

i don't like old people. their grumpy as hell. they smell funny. dress wierd. can't drive. lack manners. forget things. blame everyone else for their misfortunes, deteriation, and stupidity.


Katie said...

That is totally not true. Not all of them are grumpy, or lack manners.

You've clearly only had bad experiences.

BTW, they probably all know how to correctly use the word "their" (wink)

Bryan said...

Cool guy. I personally am bound and determined to forever remain immortal, but it'll be rad to see where so many lives have gone when were all his age. Keeping track of everyone can be difficult, but so far it's working out. All us 'kids' have loads of conveniences for keeping track of each other that those old people never did, so I guess we can do it.