Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why I don't call into the radio

This morning on my way into work the local country radio station gave away $10,000 to the 12 person who called in with a birthday on August 4.

The winner sounded like he was about 80 years old. He was retired and lived in the next town over.

The radio personalities (read: most annoying people on the planet) kept talking really fast and loud and the old guy was completely overwhelmed.

Just before they went away to break for a commercial they asked him, "how do you spell country?"

He quickly replied, "K-Y-G-O" (the name of the radio station)

I've heard this kind of thing about a million times. After they give away some fabulous prize they always ask the recipient who gave them the gift. The recipient is then supposed to say their name back to them.

This is the entire reason I don't call in.

I am about 99% sure that if I ever actually won something and they asked me that fatal question at the end of my time on the air I would completely botch the whole thing by either forgetting which station I called entirely, or even worse, say the name of the other station.

This paralyzing fear stops me from calling in. Too bad because I could really use $10,000.

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Jenna said...

How funny, that is always the exact reason why I never call in!