Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Why I love my friends

Whoever thought this was a good idea has another think coming.

What you don't see is that I'm sitting right next to him and when the flame got to hot for him to bear, he spit all of those flaming little guys right into my brand new lime green Prana climbing pants.

Luckily, the pants came out unscathed.

Therefore, so did Derek.

Also, I just think this photo is beautiful.

Alan, in all his glory:


Maggie said...

But you do get to see my legs in the background.

Katie said...

Nice legs. And your arm looks really dirty because of the smoke, so that's nice.

chronicler said...

Brings whole new meaning to that burning man thing!

Anth said...

Ok, I thought her arms were covered in bruises. I'm glad it's just smoke. And I've never seen Derek so scruffy! It's kinda hot. Ha ha