Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Things are looking better

Well, I learned a lot in the last 24 hours.

  1. Don't pretend to fight. Ever.
  2. Be patient and try to not to over react.
  3. Keep other people's feelings in mind.
  4. Situations are only as bad as you make them in your own mind.
  5. Photo corners are great to hold pictures in a scrap book, but don't really work in a picture frame on your wall.
  6. Watching the dance sequence from Napoleon Dynamite is funny no matter how many times you've seen it before.
  7. I miss good huckleberry ice cream from MaryLou's in Spokane.
  8. Calling your mom when you're upset is still ok, even at 23.
  9. Just hearing my little sister's voice can make me smile and calm me down.
  10. Letting other people be in charge really isn't that hard.
  11. Don't wait until 6 pm to eat something. Have breakfast, and lunch before then.
  12. Be flexible when planning a trip.
  13. Everyone has sensitive spots and if you really care about someone you protect those spots, you don't ram your finger into them.
  14. My daddy rules. He called me this morning to make sure I am alright.


girl from florida said...

aw, Katie. You are too cute. :) I'm glad your mom & dad are there for you like they are! And your sis too.

Huckleberry ice cream... I've never had that! It seems kind of southern though.

sadlittletomato said...

katie, you are so sweet, i want to be your friend.

Katie said...

GFF, huckleberries only grow in the great Northwest. If you ever go up to Seattle, make sure to try them. They are D-LISH!

Elle said...

Sorry i have been slacking on comments! Been reading though. :-)

SO GLAD to hear things are looking up. It is awful when the place you live is not "home" or as much as it could be. I'm so glad you have a wonderful family!