Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A little Peter Pan Syndrome for the Morning.

What's so wrong with acting like a kid?

Yesterday afternoon the ear doctor called me up and asked me if we had made plans yet for that evening. I said no and asked if he'd come up with a fabulous idea.

He informed me that yes, he had a great idea. He found out that if we were down at the box office in Denver 1 hour before the show we could get 50% off tickets to see Grease.

I was stoked! I love shows!

I got down there and found out that we were meeting up with a schoolmate of the ear doctor's and her boyfriend. That was great by me because I really like her a lot.

The show was great and Frankie Avalon even sang Beauty School Drop-out just like the movie. After the show I was so excited and just happy. I started acting kind of goofy (dancing down the stairs like I was in an old time movie). The ear doctor totally joined in the fun (another reason he is GREAT for me), but the other two just kind of stood there.

From their looks I kind of wondered if they were slightly embarrassed to be with us. Maybe they thought it looked like we were having fun and secretly they wish they could be dancing around with us. They seemed torn between two voices inside themselves. Their heart seemed to be saying, "oh look, friends I can go out and play with" but their head was saying, "I'm in a public place and I am an adult. Adults don't do that." In the end they watched at a distance and smiled at us. They just couldn't break loose from their stiff socially accepted behaviors.

It made me sad for them because there is no way they had as much fun as I was having.

I looked around at all the little girls in poodle skirts jumping and laughing and enjoying life. Then I looked around and compared them to the adults in long black dresses with high heels and ties.

At what point do we trade in childlike innocence and pure unadulterated joy over the simple things for "sophistication" and "refinement."

Why does growing up have mean to let that fire and spirit within die (or at least smolder)?

It just isn't fair.


howlingman said...

For a while in college I had a self-described "Captain Hook" complex - I was tired of being in that middle realm between a high-school kid and an adult and just wanted to grow out of it, 'cause most people my age, at my school, were all the same and obnoxiously so. I put too much stock in the norm.

I think many of the adults you saw are just bored, or boring. Or they have a bunch of mortgages and mouths to feed, and they're just exhausted. I've heard it said that life has a way of breaking you. Whatever the reason, it's real sad to see.

Continue to be joyful.

Elle said...

I would have joined in w/ ya!! :-)