Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My new obsession

Colin forwarded me this quiz and it has been occupying every minute since it came to my nimble little fingers.

I've figured out answers so that all but one question is satisfied (which pretty much means I still have the majority of it wrong).

If you like mind benders, give it a whirl.


brittany said...

SCORE!! i totally figured it out. that's a tricky one. i love mind teasers.

christine said...

I WORKED ON IT UNTIL 4AM... and i still don't have an answer. i got it all figured out except one answer isn't right. DADBEDDEBABADBADBABE. which is cute because it says dad bed deb, a bad bad babe. but it's not right. GRRRRRR.

brittany said...

if you just change one of your answers, you'll have it. everything else is right. SO CLOSE!