Monday, May 09, 2005

Ode to Joy

This is my phone

I got it 3 years ago when I first moved out to Boulder to be an intern between my junior and senior year of college (3 years ago).

I love this little phone.

I love that it isn't in color and can't take a picture.

I love that it lights up bright blue and can be used to spot my door's lock at night.

I love that it is completely silent when text messaging so that I can txt anywhere without embarrassment.

Yesterday I was doing laundry and talking to my mom on the phone. I was loading my towels into the machine with my right hand and using old lefty to hold the phone. Our conversation ended, I took the phone from my ear, pushed the little icon of a red phone and promptly threw it into the washing machine.

I stood there stunned and a little confused for a fraction of a second holding my dirty pink towel in my right hand before I realized what had happened.

Horrified, I dove straight into the washing machine, water up to my armpit attempting to reuses my little love.

I drew it out and frantically dried it off.

Heinous thoughts flew through my mind.

"I've lost all my numbers" and "I can't call grandma for Mother's day" and "I have no other alarm clock"

Much to my chagrin, the phone was unresponsive to any attempts at revival. I administered cell phone CPR by rhythmically pushing the power button and reinserting the battery. 15 reps on the button, 2 slow complete battery changes, 15 reps, 2 changes, 15 reps, 2 changes. Nothing but a flat lining of my hopes and dreams.

I came to the realization that my phone was gone.

At first I was depressed. This stage was agony. There was no light in the world, nothing made sense. The sky filled with gray clouds and I had to direction.

Next, I was angry. Why don't cell phone makers include a waterproof seal in their design?!?! Honestly, it wouldn't be that hard to make a rectangular rubber gasket that would lock out any potentially hazardous substance.

This morning I woke up and had accepted the loss.

I started to realize that maybe it was time to get a new phone anyway. The battery couldn't hold a charge longer than 6 hours, the screen sometimes would inexplicably go dark, or blank. I had no reception at Sarah's house.

I went in to circuit City on my break and lamented with the Verizon rep. She spelled out my options, none of which were really appealing. When I asked her about my numbers she sadly informed me that if I can't turn it on, she can't get my numbers.

I was morose, until...

She took the phone from my sad clutches and pushed the power button.

Miracle of miracles, the little blue light came on. My name popped up and my numbers were all there.

Little phone has returned to me.

I will never take it for granted again.

You really gain perspective when things like this happen.


Anonymous said...

There was great joy in the land! And all God's children said, "Amen!" I fear that "oh no second," when I toss something I shouldn't. You can probably attribute it to the clean CO water and quick timing. I suggest a quick jot of the #'s before moving forward. My wife dropped hers in chocolate milk once. Result was not as positive as yours. ~ Jef

Eddie said...

My cell went through the washing machine--the entire cycle--about two months ago.

It, too, was dead until it dried out overnight, then I fully charged it, and whaddya know, it fired up and works as good as ever.

webbkid said...

Someday I'll get a when my wife makes me.

Maggie said...

The best comment about a cell phone. I overheard my friend telling this to another friend, "Maggie basically has the Zac Morris cell phone."

SkyBluePink said...

I've totally done the same thing! Gotta love how they usually come back to life though. :)

Anonymous said...

Once again Webkid, you are quite possibly the biggest tool EVER. It would be much appreciated if you would please refrain from any further peabrained comments.

Xiporah said...

A similar thing happened to me back in December. I too had a little phone with it's pretty blue lights. Mine even had a flashlight at the tip of it that you pushed CLEAR to activate. I loved everything about it.

Until I lost it. I was at a jewelry show and I might have set it down. But suddenly it just wasn't in my life anymore and I was upset. I liked my number (it was a prepaid phone) but I'd been thinking about switching to a plan considering how much 10 cents a minute can add up to be when you talk to people for hours. Also considering it was 25 cents for the first ten miutes of the day, I could easily spend $7.50 for a phone call to my grandmother or a friend with whom I have catching up to do.

So I bit the bullet and got a new phone with a plan and lost my old number, but I still lament my little phone

howlingman said...

Last week I met some of my roommate's classmates. One of them whipped out her phone to make a phone call and it looked familiar to me. Like home. It was the phone I used to have, that wore out in March.

I had the phone almost two years, and on that night my friend's friend showed me (for the first time) that the screen on the front of it can blink different colors if I wanted it to. She knew my phone better than I did. Strange, yet reassuring.

Elle said...

I got my first cell phone summer between junior and senior year of college when i trekked across country for an internship. Two months later when I returned, I dropped it in a glass of orange juice. Yes, you read that right. Must have been the citrus because mine never revived. Flat line forever. I went the next day to get a new one and it wasnt until a couple months ago I FINALLY got a new phone. It was kind of sad actually, but much needed. Sprint has a really cool thing though called voice command to where your numbers are in their system so if that was to happen, you dont lose all your numbers. Guess a simple address book would be cheaper than $5/month.

Colin said...

I lost my first phone under the wheel of a cab in Boston. It fell out of my shirt pocket as I was running across an intersection on the way to the North End. When I turned back to grab it, the light had changed but I thought, "What are the odds that my little phone will actually be in the path of that cab's tires?" Turns out the odds were 1:1.