Friday, May 06, 2005

I've never been so proud

This is my best Colorado friend, Sarah

Today she graduated Summa Cum Laude from CU with a BA in Biochemistry.

She invited me to go to the ceremony and be there with all of her family. After all the announcements had been made about the graduates with honors, they presented special awards to the graduating class. The first one they bestowed was an award for the student who had outstanding performance as an undergrad and the most potential for research in pursuing a further degree.

When they announced that the award was offered to Sarah our entire table audibly gasped with shock. She did know anything about the award.

As she went up to the front of the room to receive her certificate and $1,000 worth of chemistry software I started to tear up. I've never felt so proud of any of my friends in my entire life.

She truly is No. 1!


brentj said...

You mean that you didn't feel proud of me when I... um... oh nevermind.

the narrator said...

is sarah single?

Andy said...

What an achievement, to be able to do that. I go to Uni in 7 weeks, and I hope I do as well as that.
Thanks for visiting my blog Katie! It's quite an honour - when I first discovered blogs, I was randomly searching for RSS feeds, and found yours, so I've actually been reading your musings for months - only now do I find the actual website. S'great!
Everyone get RSS feeds, if you don't already- it makes it so easy to keep up to date on blogs.

girl from florida said...

You are such a sweet friend :)

Katie said...

Loyd- nope, she's getting married June 11.

Elle said...

THat was really sweet! And that is a GREAT picture of yall two!!

Bryan said...

June 11? Hmmm. Bring her to Moab. It's not too late yet.