Thursday, May 05, 2005

In pursuit of the perfect schedule

I'm getting really excited about school again. This morning I went online and tried to create what I thought my schedule might look like for the fall.

Creating the perfect school schedule is a fine art honed by 4 years of serious practice.

Criteria for the perfect schedule:

1. No class starting before 9
2. No class ending after 4
3. No class on Friday (not a very large component because it seems impossible in engineering)
4. No class between 2-3 any day.
5. No breaks between classes longer than 1 hour.
6. At least one class not in the same building (forces me actually moving)
7. Latest class on Friday ends no later than noon.

So far my best case schedule fulfills items 1, 2, 4, 5 (on Tuesday/Thursday), and 6. Not bad.

Now I wish I could go online and register....


howlingman said...

I teared while picking my last schedule ever, a year ago spring (for last fall, before I prepped for my comp exam THIS spring).

College schedules were even more fun - knocking off requirements left and right, while giving myself a good balance of bullshit cerebral liberal arts classes and more quantitative material.

I felt like one of those generals in wartime who move plastic soldiers around a gigantic map with those long sticks. That's how much time and space I'd be controlling.

Anyway, welcome back to school and good luck to you. I have one foot still in (haven't gotten the test results) so I can still say "welcome."

Anonymous said...

Great rules. My college minister had his own.

No class if weather hotter than 90, or below 65. No class if sunny. No class if temp over 70.

Basically, he needed to live in Scotland in the spring or San Francisco to go to school.

~ Jef

Kelly said...

What happens between 2-3?

Katie said...

Kellly- between 2-3 I nap.

Maggie said...

I have a perfect nap window after work and before class from 1-2 or from 1-4 depending on the day! GLORIOUS!

Elle said...

Agreed on everyone of those points!!!

Kelly said...

Oh, of course. How silly of me. :)

webbkid said...

I try to start at 7 and end by 11