Friday, November 30, 2007

Good idea Bad idea

Good idea: sleeping in this morning. Last night I did so many barrel rolls in my bed that I almost turned into a river otter.

Bad idea: rushing out of the house without eating a crumb. Not even a little splash of egg nog passed my lips.

Good idea: wearing my bright yellow jcrew sweatshirt and my big fluffy puffy black vest.

Bad idea: wearing ballet flats without socks. It was 17 deg F this morning. Brrrrrr

Good idea: listening to my new Josh Groban Christmas CD on the way to work. Hooray for the holidays!

Bad idea: listening to Josh Groban belt out how he'll be home for Christmas. Even though I love my in-laws, I'm really going to miss being with my parents this Christmas.

Good idea: getting my daily hit of free hot chocolate at the work dispenser.

Bad idea: using a Styrofoam cup and messing up the environment.

Good idea: Looking for tickets to go see White Christmas on stage in Denver in the next couple of weeks on craigslist.

Bad idea: Trying to haggle someone down in price and end up frustrating myself.

Good idea: Remember the holiday cheer that should be in my heart and try to be nice to everyone at work.

Bad idea: Eat too many of my co-workers candy out of her candy bowl. Feeling slightly sick.

Good idea: Print off the invitations to the small Christmas party I'm throwing for some of the kids at my church.

Bad idea: Don't notice that the printer is out of colored ink until after they're printed.

Good idea: Think of the perfect gift for my dad.

Bad idea: Realize that the gift might weigh a ton and I'll have to ship it out to him.

Good idea: Get excited about spending a WHOLE WEEKEND with my sweet ear doctor.

Bad idea: Realize it's only really 2.5 days, not 2.5 weeks that I want.


Courtney said...

:) I like this!

the wifey said...

great post! i love the josh groban christmas album!! (i found your link from GFF)