Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Its that time

I have to literally FORCE myself to wait until after Halloween to bring out one of my favorite heralds of the season....my Christmas CD wallet.

Yes, you read that correctly, my Christmas CD wallet. I have so many Christmas CDs that they have their own separate storage wallet.

Well, in my book there aren't really any BAD Christmas CDs....but some are much better than others. Here are a few of my faves...in case you're looking.

Diana Krall's Christmas Songs is SO great. I really love her voice!

Barenaked for the holidays. Just pure fun....and some Hanukkah songs too! Bonus!

This 2 disc compliation is pretty much the best collection of Christmas songs you can get. Perfect variety of the absolute CLASSIC versions of your favorite songs! A must!

As always, I get a new one each year. This year I'm thinking of getting:

Everything I've heard from Mindy Smith is AMAZING, and I'm sure this one would be no different.

Anyone have any other favorites or suggestions?


Heather said...

Sometimes I'll sneak in a Christmas CD in the middle of July. Matt doesn't like it much, but sometimes I just crave Christmas time.

I absolutely love the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and Harry Connick Jr.'s When My Heart Finds Christmas. I really love Mannheim Steamroller too. Every year our Symphony orchestra would play MS's arrangment of Stille Nacht in high school.

TRS said...

Wow! It's a little early for Christmas tunes for me - but that Diana Krall CD sounds like a killer!

I believe 'Let it Snow' is a good test of any album, and it sounds like a good old fashioned, classic style album. I'll have to buy that one!
Barenaked... I'm not sure. I'm disappointed by their O Holy Night (my favorite song) But "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" sounds great!

Thanks for the tips! My favorite has always been the Muppet's, A Christmas Together with John Denver!! And the very old Amy Grant (tennesse christmas?) is great.
My Sis-in-law surprised me once with a copy of the Home Alone Christmas soundtrack... which is surprisingly good!

deidra said...

I totally have a Christmas CD wallet, too. And that doesn't even touch all the music we've downloaded! Barenaked for the Holidays is my husband's favorite, so it's always the one I pull out first to ease him into the season (since I start listening Oct. 1).

chloe elizabeth said...

Celtic Woman Christmas (or something like that) and the new Josh Groban. Good stuff. Thanks for the Mindy Smith suggestion. I LOVE her!

The Barkers said...

I'm going to second the Harry Connick Jr When My Heart Finds Christmas! Besides him being my boyfriend, he's also my favorite singer!!!

Jessica said...

As I've gotten older I've been able to curb my Christmas enthusiasm and now start listening November 1st, as opposed to August (yes, I really used to start in August). I super heart Barbra Streisand's Christmas Album, Peter, Paul & Mary's Holiday Celebration album, and the Muppet's Christmas Carol soundtrack.