Friday, November 09, 2007

Wedding photo migraine

The ear doctor and I finally got around to ordering some big prints of our wedding photos to hang on our walls. We spent hours sifting through he photos to pick our 4 favorite.

One thing we thought was really great about our photographer is that she worked with an online printer ( to share photos with family members and streamline the printing process. I thought this would be a great feature. I was wrong.

After we picked them out and paid for them we had to wait 3 weeks to get them in the mail. Yesterday they came. I excitedly waited for ear doctor to get home before I ripped them out of their packing material. I carefully pulled them out of their packing material. I flipped over the first one and was instantly disappointed. The picture wasn't as great as I remembered. Something about it seemed off. I went to the next picture...same thing. The printer had messed up the photos and I was REALLY disappointed. For some reason they cropped the bejeesus out of them and turned our photogs beautiful work into something my 12 year old niece could have made with her point and shoot (exaggerated for effect).

Take a look. On the left is the online proof from our wonderful, talented photographer, on the right a picture of the print we got last night.

Is it just me or does this photo loose about 50% of it's beauty because the side of the arch on the left has been thoughtlessly cropped out?

The golden angel on the top of an LDS temple has special religious can't just cut him off! Plus, it ruins the line in the photo!

Oops, there is goes again....

And the fact that this one is off makes me really mad. It is our favorite picture. So unique, so unlike any wedding photo we've seen, so US! And it's been maimed and makes our bodies look gross and stumpy. UGH! When you blow it up to an 11X 14 (like we did) it makes a huge difference.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. How frustrating.

But what size did you get them printed in? Because I think digital cameras tend to make pictures in sizes a little "off" from the standard film camera sizes. So they probably had to crop them somewhat (see how they're all missing a bit on the longer dimension?) if they're on standard 4x6 (or whatever it is) paper.

However, all that being said (and keep in mind that I am NOWHERE NEAR a photo expert - you'll probably get some much more informed commenters here) it does seem like the printers should have done a better job. Are they re-doing them (for free) like I would hope?


TRS said...

Katie, your wedding pictures are SO beautiful.
I agree, the cropping truly detracts from the original composition.
My experience printing from my super fancy digital SLR Camera - is that the camera format dimensions are much broader than traditional (say 35mm). So when I print at Wolf camera... I have to select to keep my original formatting or it will default to traditional dimensions without regard to the composition of the photo.
That seems to be what happened here. I would think your photographers would have known what to expect - unless this is the first time they have used this particular service.
Hopefully, your photogs can work out a refund with the printer - and select a better printer for your prints.

Hope that all makes sense.
Now, I have to say... that picture you love best... that is so YOU... is SO GREAT.
The funny thing is... I can imagine your kids someday looking at that picture... heck, growing up with that picture in your house... I'd love to know what they say about it when they're 12 or so!!!

TRS said...

Ohh... also keep in mind that because the original dimensions are different than traditional frame sizes... 8x10, 5x7... you will have to give SOMETHING up from the original composition.

Work with your photogs to preserve what you want.

Kelly said...

Since your photographer works with the online printer and has an arrangement with them, I think they should have worked all the kinks out by now. The proofs she showed you should have been a fair representation of what you would actually get by using her printer.

You should talk with the photographer about it and also with the printer. The pictures have lost of lot of their joy for you and I think you need to let them know and see what they will do about it.

Courtney said...

!!!!!!!!!!!! How infuriating!!! I could not agree more that the stuff that got cut TOTALLY makes a difference. I would be super upset. And you should DEF get your money back. Shame that now you have to wait even longer. Also, is it me or is the color sort of off - or maybe it's just becuase you had to scan them. Still. The cropping! Annoying!

(Also - BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!)

ashlynn said...

that is sad but funny - love your comments.

Diana said...

hehe. I totally agree they're NOT what you thought you were getting but the cropped out Moroni every time is a bit comical.
An online printer should know better than show one thing and give you another.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

I work for a photographer and it is a fact that when you resize you lose alot of the picture. What we do is pull them into photoshop and crop them to the size you want -then you can move it around and get the part of the picture you want - but you will still lose something.

It has nothing to do with the printer - they just go by what is submitted online. Of course - you should have been told this to begin with.

Olivia said...

This is unacceptable! Argh! What a disappointment! For what it's worth, though, I think your wedding day, dress, (original) photos, etc. look absolutely lovely:)

jamieanne said...

I say, no bueno. Demand a re-do.