Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In honor of the day

It used to be harder for me to express my gratitude. I would worry about using the wrong words. I never wanted to use the trite expressions that flit around day in and day out. I wanted my expression to really convey the sincerity I felt. I just didn't think that a simple "thank you" would fit the bill. How could it?

But, then I counted up how many times people told me thank you. I cross referenced these occurrences against my perception of the teller's insincerity. I compiled a list of the utterances that didn't make me feel loved or appreciated.

The results?

Every time I was thanked I was touched.

So, although it may seem small and banal to me in the telling, I'm pretty sure the hearer still understands my intent.

And, more to the point, the intent of expressing gratitude isn't to make me feel good about myself, now is it? So why should I care?


Greeneyes said...

Well said. On that note, THANK YOU for creating a lovely blog and sharing a bit of yourself. Even though we've never met, reading about your adventures adds a bit of sunshine to my day, and I look forward to the infusion of whimsy. Happy Thanksgiving.

chronicler said...

Katie, something more to be thankful my blog! YOU WON!

Courtney said...

An excellent point!

And I agree with greeneyes - thank you for sharing a bit yourself with all of us via your blog. And thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog! :)

grandmajane said...

How wonderful to be aware of the "Thank Yous". Just read an article titled, "Excuse Me, but...whatever Happened to Manners?" Everyone needs to hear Thank You".