Thursday, November 01, 2007


Just after my freshman year of college my friend Kathy and I decided to make our own pair of black leather pants to wear out dancing. Well, we were cheap so we found some "awesome" black pleather at the fabric store and we set to work. We were both working down in my mom's huge sewing room and I was making some pretty good progress. Kathy on the otherhand....not so much. After finishing my mine I grabbed hers and finished them up for her.
I love to sew, especially costume-y stuff that doesn't require a whole lot of finess or accuracy.

This year for Halloween was my most sewing intensive yet becuase the ear doctor and I had 2 costumes each.

Last friday we dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde:

(Don't worry mom, that's a chocolate cigarette)

(please note the hot pink bra on ear doctor's head. This was his prize from the white elephant gift exchange....from "Dolly Parton". I got a package of raw chicken hearts and gizzards from the "Tin Man")

Last night we went as our favorite fast food chain mascots:


Courtney said...

Way Too Cute! I can't even decide which I like better. Halloween rules!

Maggie said...

Did you get your hair to work out right? (I can't really see it in the photo.)

katezmom said...

I sent some stuff to your home email. Do you check that one or should I send it elsewhere?

Katie said...

Yeah, my hair stood out perfectly. The picture I have of my hair poking out is really blurry so I didn't put it up.

TRS said...

Very cute. Great costume ideas.
You two are so creative.

I too, find that Halloween is my favorite time to pull out the sewing machine!!

Jessica said...

That second costume is hilarious!

cady said...

those costumes are awesome!

litespeed said...

I love those costumes! Especially the king of burgers!

Grandma Jane said...

You are soooo creative! Loved the costumes.