Monday, November 12, 2007

Time to chop the mane

Yesterday the ear doctor and I were invited over to the home of one of our favorite families....the Rogers.

Over a delicious chicken casserole and whole wheat rolls made from scratch we caught up on each other's lives. For some reason we hadn't spent time with them since gets busy, you know? Anyway, even though a little time had passed, things were just the same. Hanging out with them feels like putting on my favorite hoody, comfortable, soft and familiar.

We reminisced about our trip to Mexico eons ago (4 years), how much fun we had at their wedding (the ear doctor and I had just was one of our first dates as a couple), and how much their adorable little son had grown.

On the way out I asked Amy if she would tame the wild beast that is growing on top of my head.

I so badly want to get a cute, stylish, and most importantly, NEW haircut. I want to look in the mirror and show me a fresh new person.


knowing me,

I'll probably walk out of her door with an inch gone....tiny layers if I'm feeling really brave.

I'm *such* a risk-taker.


katezmom said...

Come on be brave. You have such pretty hair that grows so fast. You'd be so cute with a blunt bob. Of course I understand about opinions- I've seen the new T-mobile add.

Courtney said...

Be brave!! You can do it!!!!!!!

Maggie said...

My favorite thing is to grow my hair out long enough so that when it's cut it's totally different. That means I have a long time of sort of wild looking hair, but I just love the whole 100% change.

cady said...

do it!! i can't wait to see how you get it cut!