Monday, November 19, 2007


I cannot believe that I forgot to brag about this last week! I must be loosing my mind or something.

Last weekend the ear doctor and I went grocery shopping and we got chicken breasts for $.99 a pound!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable! I was so shocked that I actually took the package of meat over to the meat counter to make sure the price was right. The slack-jawed, shocked, overwhelmed and incredulous expression on my face was met by the butcher's small, knowing smile. Without a verbal inquiry from me, he answered my obvious question, "yes, $.99 a pound."

Like a selfish fiend, I ran back to the cold meat locker and grabbed as many packages of the precious protein as I could. That cheap chicken was MINE and I refused to share my good fortune with the other patrons of the King S00pers. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure that the store manager failed to notice me practically STEALING their meat.

I circled the market, giving myself a moment to calm the pumping adrenaline. I carefully placed other items on top of the meat, intentionally obscuring the price of my prize. There is no way I was going to spread the good word to the other suckers in the store that day. It was *MY* discovery.

At the checkout stand the nice woman working the register took one look at the tag and called the manager to make sure the price was correct. They both stared at the package, scratched their heads. I held my breath with anticipation of their verdict. Turns out, it was marked correctly.

And that is how I ended up with almost 20 lbs of frozen chicken breasts in my freezer.

Beat that!


TRS said...

I haven't bought chicken in years... (allergic) ...what is it usually?

poodle said...

oh, my gosh, i LOVE finding good deals. i once found huge boxes of wheat thins on sale for $.99, and bought every last box in the store. good find!

Courtney said...

Woah baby! An excellent find!

Anth said...


TRS said...

Hey, that's cheaper per pound than the chocolate bar at Anthropology!!