Friday, November 16, 2007

They never get dirty

The ear doctor has more black socks that anyone on the face of the planet.

I'm not exaggerating here.

We have a little deal in our marriage. He takes out the trash (something I H-A-T-E doing) and I fold the laundry. I know you might think I'm a little nuts, but I don't mind doing laundry at all. I think I associate laundry with really happy childhood memories of my mom wrapping me up in a warm, fresh-from-the-dryer blanket and singing me to sleep.

pause for momentary memory reverie

Anyway, thus far the arrangement has worked out beautifully. I never have to bend over a foul smelling garbage can and he doesn't have to fold his shirts.

We are very Steven Covey Win/Win in our house.

The other day I bent down to pull out some laundry and all I got was a handful of black man-socks. Hmmmm. That's strange. I piled them up on top of the dryer (I don't really *do* matching) and stuck my hand back into the dark hole of mystery. To my surprise, out came another fist full of socks. Stunned, I sat down on the floor in front of the dryer and, to my complete amazement, the ENTIRE dryer was filled to the brim with black socks. He has an entire load's worth of ONLY black socks!

Well, I just piled the whole lot of them on top of the dryer and called that good. (please, please, please. If you ever come to visit my house don't ever open the doors to my laundry cubbie. There is always clothes folded on top of the dryer. Most times we just don't care enough to actually put the clean clothes away. At least they are always folded, right?)

The next day I saw ear doctor standing in front of the dryer doing the strangest thing. He was holding about 5 different black socks in his hand and carefully comparing them. I asked him what he was doing and he explained his sock selection process.

Because he has SO many different black socks he's pretty much given up on finding an exact match for his two socks. He holds them up and attempts to just find two socks that have the same amount of fade to them. So, basically, my husband never wears matching socks.

I feel much better now about wearing my valentines day socks in the middle of least I'm wearing a PAIR!


Anth said...

Ha ha That's very funny. I match Dh's socks up, but mostly because he usually wears only white socks (easy to match) and his black socks are few and far between (church) and all rather distinctive (patterns, stripes).

Anonymous said...

Nooooo. He doesn't have more socks than his dad. And his don't toetally match either.

Dan's mom said...

Your brother in law not only matches ALL his socks,even mostly white nike socks, but they must also be gently folded together. One must NEVER fold the cuffs over to keep the pair together.
On the other hand, one wants attention to detail in one's surgeon.

Courtney said...

Heee! Funny!!! I have a zillion pairs of sock too, so I totally relate. Although I do painstakingly match them all.