Thursday, February 03, 2005

100 things revisited

I did this a while ago. I read through it and was surprised by things that have already changed. I believe that people are always changing and learning and growing. I'm doing this again so that I can look back in 3 months and again be surprised by how much has changed.

1. I'm beginning to really like the routine of my work.
2. I've weaned myself off Pepsi almost entirely. (I still slip and have one every now and then)
3. I just sprained my UCL (skiiers thumb) and haven't been skiing since Jan 9.
4. This KILLS me.
5. I live alone. I used to be afraid that I would get really lonely if I lived alone, but every day I like it more.
6. I don't use my heat. Too expensive.
7. As a result, I sleep in long underwear and a hat. Everynight it reminds me of "The Night Before Christmas"
8. I miss my old friends from college. A. Lot.
9. I love the friends I've made in Colorado.
10. I'll be sad when I/they leave.
11. Today I'm going flying after work over the mountains.
12. I really like to go out to eat. Especially with the ear doctor.
13. I'm stressed out about my sister's bridesmaid dresses. I don't understand why it is such a big deal.
14. I've always liked impressing people.
15. I want the man I marry to be amazed every day of his life that he ended up with me.
16. I want to be amazed every day of my married life that I am with such an amazing person as my husband.
17. I never want to loose touch with Kathy, Brooke, or Sarah.
18. I check my blog 8 times a day to see if anyone has commented.
19. I once had a mouse for a pet.
20. I named him Gus Gus.
21. My sister killed it.
22. We buried it under a rose bush and called the rose bush Gus Gus.
23. My dad is a huge man and ends his phone calls by saying "Bye Bye" and I think that is SO cute.
24. I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls
25. For the first time in my life I'm not in the middle of a book.
26. I love shopping, but am trying to learn control.
27. I think it is vital to have close girlfriends.
28. I secretly wish I was good at sports.
29. I wish I played my violin more frequently.
30. Playing my violin in front of people scares me and always makes me feel inadequate.
31. I think blogs are good for society.
32. Right now my officemate is listening to a basketball game.
33. I love living in Colorado.
34. I love avocados.
35. Sometimes I crave meat.
36. I have a real problem with over eating. If something is there I'll eat it. This is why I have little to no food in my house.
37. I don't have cable and I miss it.
38. I'm not that political.
39. I'm going to the Madeline Peryoux concert on Saturday and I'm really excited about it.
40. Sometimes I'm afraid I've lost my academic drive and that worries me for grad school.
41. Sometimes I doubt if I should go back to school.
42. I really miss my aunt Sandy.
43. I love photos. Taking them, organizing them, showing them, telling their stories, everything.
44. I want to take a photography class.
45. I want to take a cooking class.
46. I love baking desserts, but I don't like making meals.
47. One of the most important things to me in a relationship is the ability to forgive.
48. Laughter is a close second.
49. I still care about all my exboyfriends.
50. And hope they're happy.
51. I like plain lays and ruffles.
52. I don't like salt and vinegar chips.
53. I like cottage cheese, but not applesauce.
54. I'm always torn between a Twix and Kit Kat
55. I miss my parents a lot.
56. I'm realizing how long this list is.
57. My favorite words are plethora and onomatopoeia.
58. Sometimes I think I'd make a really good high school math or English teacher.
59. I just got invited to a music night/jam session with some co-workers and I'm freaked out.
60. I want my kids to learn to play instruments.
61. I think birthdays are really important and have almost everyone I know's big day logged in my work computer Outlook Calendar.
62. I've never been drunk, high, or smoked a cigarette.
63. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit I'm such a "Molly."
64. I really want an orange kitten and since I'm moving in the near future, I might get one.
65. My dad is the greatest.
66. I really like lists.
67. I think about my finances constantly.
68. I think being responsible is important and have always been so.
69. Once I lived in the basement of an old house and never did the dishes. It was gross.
70. I just got my fingerprints taken so now that "life of crime" option becomes a whole lot harder.
71. I've never stolen anything.
72. I can't go into the bathroom in the dark. Too scary.
73. I'm so excited for Sarah's wedding and I know it will all work out alright.
74. Feeling like I have direction is very important to me.
75. I'd rather have a steak than a salad.
76. I hate it when Mexican restaurants put that nasty shredded lettuce on my plate. Gross.
77. I love eating peas and carrots straight out of the garden.
78. I love planting flowers, especially petunias with my mom.
79. I love going to the movies in the afternoon.
80. I like the sticks from fun dip better than the powder.
81. I've never had surgery.
82. I worry about my dad's health.
83. I really like to wear green because I always get compliments.
84. Sometimes I struggle with my self image.
85. I love it when the ear doctor says I'm pretty.
86. I like watching movies with the actor's commentary.
87. I want to grow up to be just like my mom.
88. I want to drive a mini cooper.
89. I wish I saw more of Kathy and her little pregnant self while she is going through this.
90. I wish I could go on a trip with Brooke.
91. I love Christmas and can't wait for it to come around again.
92. I wish I got more Christmas cards.
93. I hate networking.
94. I hate talking to people if I don't feel like there is a genuine connection.
95. My work day is almost over.
96. I thought I was going to have a migraine today because my hands were numb when I woke up. Luckily, it was just that I'd slept funny.
97. Sometimes I wish I could lighten up more.
98. I'm crazy about the ear doctor.
99. My little sister is my role model.
100. I wish I had more shoes.


katezmom said...

Fun post! I like that this one was generated by you... somehow it feels like you are becoming more open about yourself. from 1 to 100 I love you

Maggie said...

I just have a few comments to say:

2) Don't be stressed about the skirts. Yes, it needs to get done, and it will get done. If it's stressing you too much you can just tell mom and I'm sure she'll do it. She's in wedding overdrive. Maybe this comment stems from my complete confidence in Mom's ability to get things done. At any rate, things will get done, it will look nice and you will have a good time. I have only two words for you. Cereal Bar?
3) I was thinking it might be nice to drive over to the big CO for president's day weekend. I would surprise you, but sometimes you have tons of stuff going on so I thought I'd ask first. Love you!

Katie said...

I'm going to be in Pennsylvania Feb 18-20. Come any other weekend.

Maggie said...

DANG IT! Oh well. Hope you have fun in Pennsylvania!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but laugh at the image of you all tucked into bed, blankets pulled up to your chin, big fluffy pillow, eye's closed, but obviously still awake from a smile of perfect comfort (on the virge of giddiness)... and a bright red knitted stocking hat on your head!!!!

And yes, I miss my friends from college... A LOT.


Kaycee said...

I, too, have an addiction to The Gilmore Girls that I hide from the world.

This might be because my friends make fun of how fast they talk.

I love the fast talking... and the cleverness.