Thursday, February 17, 2005

Grad School Update

I received another offer today, so that makes my 50% done. I've heard from 3, not heard from 3. The bummer is that I've heard from the 3 that I was pretty sure I'd be accepted to. I hate the waiting. It's so hard.

The fine educational establishment of Colorado University at Boulder has offered me $1.5K a month salary to dedicate my time and efforts to furthering the research at their institution. This is the lowest offer for me (money-wise) but comes with a bunch of really attractive perks.

Pros of CU over every other school:
1) I don't have to move across the country. I can stay where I'm at, have my same friends, and not need to leave good ole Boulder.
2) I can probably work part time at my job here, thus staying an employee, making some money on the side, and keeping the door open for after I'm done with school.
3) I can ski again next winter. And not fall and bust up my thumb next time.
4) The ear doctor is here and I wouldn't have to worry about that in the mix of everything else.
5) It's closer to my family than anywhere else...Except maybe Stanford, I don't know about that.
6) I wouldn't get a snobby East Coast attitude, or strange Texas pride. ;)

1 comment:

girl from florida said...

East Coast snobbiness? Hey! :) I'm kidding.

The CO deal sounds like a good one, when you add in all those benefits, friends & ear doctor being the main ones!