Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Out on a Limb

"Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."
-David Lloyd George

Why do people stay in the same career forever? By and large people don't LOVE what they do for a living. It seems to me that people become complacent with their job security and never want to shake things up, even if they're unhappy.

What's so bad about taking a risk?

20 years into his career my dad decided he didn't like what he was doing. He shook things up and decided to start working for himself. It was a lot more demanding and time intensive, but in the end more rewarding.

But it was filled with risk.

Right now it seems to me like I'm standing on a precipice. I could remain on the precipice and sit back, enjoying a fully rewarding life, paid for by my not so riveting employment. I know what the course would be (roughly) and from what I see it really would be great.

If I decide to take the huge leap off the ledge I really don't know what to expect. The unknown looms large and indefinite ahead of me. Who knows where I'll land.


Maggie said...

Out on a limb is a pretty hard place to be. I hope you figure it out alright! I love you!

Kimberly said...

Hi Katie; thanks for stopping by and posting on my blog! I really like yours:) Have a great day~

katezmom said...

I've been thinking about change (which I maintain is what risk is) and have come to the conclusion that change is life. It seems sometimes to others looking into our lives that we are staying the same, secure and sane. From the inside, however, it is always change. What I have come to live with is to accept and anticipate change. Risk comes every day. It just seems bigger at times than others. Listen to your heart, say your prayers, you know how you will be happy.

Mike said...

I want to comment on pretty much all of the recent posts- but I think I will jsut write once instead.

1. My parents felt a lot like you seem to when my dad left the Air force 27 years ago and entered the corporate world- just after they did it my mom thought they had made a horrible mistake. Now they are both really glad that they listened to some trusted friends and did what seemed right in changing course.

Do what seems right- and sometimes both choices are right. Then do what seems good. If you prefer safe, be safe. If you would constantly think "what if?" then step into an adventure.

2. The Ear Doctor seems absolutely great. Don’t worry about the candles- stuff like that happens, as long as you didn’t burn the place down you’re fine. What are you going to do in regards to the Ear Doctor if you do decide to leave? Is this a big factor in the decision?

3. Princeton is stupid- they should have let you in. They must have known you wouldn’t go even if they said yes- and they certainly don’t want people being let in and then turning them down.

4. Austin, Austin, Austin! Yes- CU is great- in reality I highly recommend Boulder, almost as much as Austin. The weather in Boulder is better than most people think, it is close to ski resorts, you can bike everywhere, the growth isn’t too crazy… but you already know all that. In terms of Austin- don’t worry about picking up the strange Texas pride- most of the people in Austin won’t admit that they have it and instead just develop Austin pride where they think they are better than the rest of Texas. (because in most ways they are.) Plus in Austin you have , and lots of other great live music all year. Really, why would you want to live in Jersey when you could live in Boulder or Austin. They have most of the cool things that Jersey has (except for proximity to NYC- but a lot of nice stuff about a big city is available elsewhere) without all the pretense or freaking insane cold. Go Buffs! Go Longhorns!

girl from florida said...

Maggie is right... out on a limb is a tough place. Keep your chin up, pal! I have faith in you!

brittany said...

risks are scary. but if there's something you know you want, go for it. it's well worth the risk.

VI said...

You katie... you are now bookmarked.
and I am going to send a bit to my husband who just got *denied* from law school. We are thinking of "going out on the limb."
Thanks for the insight. I appreciate your writing ability.

katezmom said...

Been thinkin' about this some more. From my experience I've seen a lot of change. Usually I've made changes in my career when I've finally reached the "fed-up-with-this-crap" point. I know I've also made changes when "greener grass" presents itself. There... no big deal.. just to let you know that you can leap and soar or leap and burn or realize that leaping is not for now... You will survive, you will grow and you will always be loved.

Mike said...

wow, my comment's html was messed up.

anyway katie- I just wanted to mention I quite like your blog- and I'm sure you will do well whatever decision you make.