Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Despite my best efforts...

Monday was a really hard day for me. I got that stupid rejection, I had to pack up my office to move from my beautiful corner office, I didn't plan anything for FHE, my credit card balance was suspiciously high.

Anyway, after FHE I just broke down and told the ear doctor I just needed to go home, take a bath and go to bed because things were just getting a little out of control.

Tuesday morning he left me a note on my front step telling me how great I am and that I can handle everything. He also left a huge rainbow Frisbee and a CD of all the princess Disney songs. It was SO sweet because he was trying to make me smile. (mission accomplished!)

As a thank you for the support I asked if I could make him dinner. I cooked a fabulous meal, lit a million candles, dimmed the lights and played some instrumental Nat King Cole. It was perfect.


I placed a bunch of little candles on a plate so that the wax drippings wouldn't get on the counter. I hadn't planned on them burning down so quickly. Half way through our very romantic meal the ear doctor pointed out (with some alarm) the 2 foot long cascading icicles of wax rolling off my counter and onto the carpet.


I'd tried SO hard to make everything seem effortless and natural and perfect, and, despite my best efforts, I'd messed up.

Oh well, I guess I'll never be a perfect entertainer.

(BTW Luckily I remembered how to get wax out of carpet. Put down a paper towel and iron it up...Works like a charm)


girl from florida said...

oh, you are good. I've never been able to get that iron trick to work. I've had to resort to snipping up pieces of the carpet with scissors. *shhhh, don't tell my old landlords that!*

What a sweetie ED was to do that! I love the Disney princess stuff... I probably have all those songs memorized! (I'm SUCH a dork!)

Hope your week only goes way uphill from here!

bryan said...

No matter how bad things go, as long as you survive to tell the story, then it's usually worth it. The worse it goes, the better the story. That way, when life goes downhill, you know that at a bare minimum, you're going to come out with a story equal in value to the crash coming down. Best efforts to avoid that always make the story better.