Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How are you today?

I came in late to work today.

Luckily, my officemate was even later.

The first words out of my mouth were, "how are you today?"

I don't know why I asked it. It was blatantly obvious that he wasn't fact I was pretty sure I knew exactly how he was judging from the fact that he was late, in a hurry, and slammed his bag on the floor.

His response, "Fine, how about you?"

"Fine" I replied without even turning my head to look at him.

It got me thinking about why on earth we ask each other this every day, at every meeting, and in almost every situation. It is so over used and banal. If someone ever actually gave me a real response to that question I think I'd be floored.

What if, in response to my officemate, I'd told the truth? It would have gone a little something like this:

"Well, (officemate), I'm feeling a little weirded out by the strange dream that I had just before waking up. I feel a little out of control because I no longer have a roommate and I'm paying way too much money to live alone in a 3 bedroom condo. I feel completely secure in my relationship with the ear doctor. I feel nervous about the huge choices I'm going to have to make in the next couple of months regarding grad school. I feel rejuvenated about my calling as FHE planner because I have some new and awesome people to help me out. I feel mischievous thinking back about what the ear doctor and I filled our evening with last night."

He would have looked at me and said, "oh"


girl from florida said...

I feel sad, morose, tired, stressed, miserable and moody (PMS). I feel happy I've been working out so much. Worried about my grade in this neuro class. Angry at some of my friends for being selfish and demanding my time right now. Happy that my cat has been so snuggly with me. Frustrated with my boss for making unrealistic demands during my finals week. In awe of my sparkling diamond on my left hand :) Irritated at myself for eating so much chocolate today.

I will always answer the question truthfully if you'd like, mischevious girl :)

Sarah Marinara said...

I had no idea what an American thing it is to ask someone how they're doing. Even more American is to tell someone to "have a nice day". I was on the phone with Aidan once while I was shopping. The lady rang up my counter and handed me my bag. Without even thinking I said, "Thanks! Have a good day." and walked away. Aidan was in hysterics. He feels that same way about the "How are you?" thing. Europeans... I swear.