Thursday, February 24, 2005


So I've been thinking about things to write about today and I've decided that at the moment, I'm blocked for things to write about myself. Instead I thought I'd write about my best Colorado friend.

Sarah is a pistol. She is bright and tough and in charge. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is very committed to her studies...More than anyone I have ever met and that is so impressive to me.

Sarah is also real. She'll tell you what she thinks, but still has the ability to listen to your point. She doesn't sugar coat, hide, or wilt under pressure. She rises to it.

Sarah is tough. I've never met a girl who can run up a mountain like this girl. She actually enjoys the feeling of pushing her body to the limits. A good workout is one where she almost dies.

Sarah hates getting in the ocean. She could sit and tan on the beach all day long, but as soon as everyone else wants to go play in the surf she'll wade in tentatively with her arms out vertically so as not to get them wet.

Sarah has the best heart. She thinks of others and genuinely loves the old people we play bingo with. She'd scoop them ice cream all day long if she knew it made their day just a little brighter.

Sarah is learning. She is growing and changing so much right now it is unreal. She is really overcoming a lot of her fears and worries about the future and letting herself go down a path that she never thought she would.

Sarah doesn't flake! This is SO annoying to me and really refreshing to have a friend I can count on...No matter what.

Sarah loves her family. She's one of those girls who has a really healthy relationship with both her mom and dad. She has 4 younger sisters that clearly mean the world to her...Even if they have the occasional conflict.

Sarah is a goof ball. She's most likely to be found jumping like a leprechaun in a parking lot, or laughing with zero volume control.

Sarah is more open about bodily functions that any girl I've ever met....And I think that's funny.

Sarah is a confidant. She can keep a secret. She lets you expose your faults and helps you become better. She is kind and gentle when you need it, but can be strong and pointed when she thinks you're going a bit too far.

Sarah is my friend.


megan said...

I have to say -- it's pretty exciting that in a few short months, I'll be able to call her my sister, too. Sarah has to be remarkable if she can turn my little brother into a pool of mush...

But the real question remains to be answered: Think she can handle having seven sisters?

Katie said...

I'm fairly confident that she can handle anything. But no, Megan, the real question is this: Can she handle not being the OLDEST sister?