Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My ode to Tom Brady

Alright, so some background is needed on this one.

My dad coached football. He has ALWAYS coached football. When we were really little he coached little league and my sister and I went to little league cheerleading. We got a little older and he started coaching semi-pro ball. Football and my dad go hand in hand.

When I watch a game I watch it. I don't go for the show, I go to see the game. Knowing what is going on during a game is important to me. Last year I went to a WSU/CU game and for the first time in my life my dad asked me what I thought about the game, and took my response seriously. I'm not one of those girls who doesn't "get" what's going on...I know the game as well as anyone who hasn't actually played it can.

I think my dad is pretty much perfect, and therefore want to end up with a guy pretty similar. Consequently, one of my requirements for guys I date is an interest in football. He has to be able to talk about the game intelligently. The other thing I really need in a guy is someone who is well read and smart. These two traits don't usually come in the same package, which is why I'm so happy to have found the ear doctor possessed of both.

Back to the subject of this post...Recently the spark of passion has yet again been sparked by the Patriot's QB Tom Brady. Man do I have a crush on that guy! So calm and steady under pressure. Great arm. After the superbowl I heard him talk and he doesn't sound like a complete meathead, so I'm hooked. Tiger Woods, step aside. My sports celebrity crush du jour is none other than the illustrious Mr. Tom Brady.


brittany said...

i used to have a crush on major applewhite, the guy who played for UT. he was hot stuff.

jinnmabe said...

Tom Brady, good choice. I used to be really down on the guy, thought he was over-hyped because he had a great team around him but he really convinced me this post-season. Under pressure he's as cool as the other side of the pillow, and so accurate. He reminded me a lot of Joe Montana, actually, the way he was always calm and collected, no mistakes, then he'd go make a perfect throw (that one across the middle, in the third quarter I think it was, where it looked like a pick, but Branch caught it? Wow). Plus, my wife informs me that he is very good-looking. Whatever...