Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mystery Solved!

One of my favorite candies has always been those little sugar buttons that are stuck on a long strip of paper. My sister and I would always get them when we went to the candy store, and finish eating them by the time we were home.

The only crappy thing about these candies is that you eat almost as much paper as candy.

Well, my friends, I have solved that problem.

If you lick the back of the paper (the opposite side of the buttons) and let it sit for a minute on your desk, your saliva will loosen the bottom layer of candy from the paper and you can easily scoop them off.

What a glorious realization!


Elle said...

That's funny because I never liked those candies because you ate so much paper.

Maggie said...

That is such a disgusting thing to have discovered! I'm glad you have solved the problem though!

Eddie said...

A true engineer you are. I remember the paper dilemma as well, though I haven't seen those things in ages.

brittany said...

i never really liked those things, simply because they're too small. you have to eat a zillion of them. i'm all about quantity with my candy consumption.

Anonymous said...

eating, chewing - you still taste all that paper