Monday, February 21, 2005

Things I learned from my mom

Both Greek Tragedy and Girl from Florida inspired me this morning so....

1. Never come to a dinner party empty handed
2. When helping someone set up for a party, don't offer opinion unless it is asked for.
3. Always send a thankyou card that is well written and heartfelt. Always include details.
4. The best thing you can do in the kitchen is dance.
5. Love old musicals and old black and white movies.
6. It's important to be nice to everyone, even if you have a really clever insult.
7. Having Christmas decorations is necessary.
8. Always keep your girlfriends close.
9. Don't ever think you can't do something just because you are a girl.
10. How to have an excellent job interview.
11. Always ask a question at the end of an interview when they ask if you have any.
12. The best places for 10 black olives are the end of each finger.
13. Always edit your papers more than once.
14. Be wary of credit cards.
15. Having the right outfit can make all the difference.
16. Wearing pastel colors makes me look sick.
17. Love to read.
18. Be nice to your sister.
19. NEVER forget the mashed potatoes.
20. If you mess up on turkey soup once and let the carcass sit too long resulting in little floating bones, you will never live down the appellation "bone soup."
21. I am pretty.
22. And funny.
23. Don't take your purse to the mall and leave it in the car. That's just what thieves look for.
24. Be true to yourself and your values.
25. Have a sense of humor.
26. Desserts with some kind of alcohol in them usually taste pretty darn good.
27. If you've made plans of some kind, you must follow through. Flaking is not an option.
28. Its just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man.
29. If it's ugly, cover it up.
30. Treat your best friend like your sister...Even tell you kids to call her their aunt.
31. Be thankful your life is so much easier.
32. Always paint the walls...White is SO boring.
33. Pictures should be hung at eye level or a little lower. Never higher.
34. Learn how to sew, even if the only thing you can make is a kid's Halloween costume.
35. Only rip a tiny hole in the Hot Tamales box so that you eat them slow enough to avoid getting sick.
36. Be patient with your husband.
37. Keep a clean house.
38. Everyone is different, and that is great.
39. Give your girls dolls as presents, but also telescopes, microscopes, and science kits.
40. If you're sick, eat sprite and saltines.
41. Always clean the mascara off your face every night.
42. If someone compliments an outfit, wear it often.
43. Having a lot of belts is a good thing.
44. How to tie a quilt.
45. Keep in touch with my grandmas.
46. How to tell a good joke. Timing is everything.
47. You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
48. Learn to be a good listener.
49. Laugh whenever you can.
50. Don't swear....Unless you are REALLY pissed.
51. Be real.
52. Be ambitious.
53. Don't judge.
54. Forgive and forget.
55. Give people the benefit of the doubt whenever you can.
56. You can never have enough work clothes.
57. If you find a pair of pants you like, buy some in every color.
58. When you're selling girl scout cookies don't ask, "do you want to buy some" but rather, "how many boxes do you want?"
59. Going out to eat is heaven.
60. The best time to go to the movies is Saturday afternoon.
61. Never get too old to not enjoy a Disney movie.
62. Listen to books on tape during a road trip.
63. Love flowers, learn their names and platn them in your garden.
64. Wake up and go to bed early.
65. Love your pets.
66. Teach others your beliefs...If they're interested.
67. Find a stylist and always have a cute haircut.
68. Green peppers are nasty.
69. Being competitive is good.
70. Being OVERLY competitive isn't.
71. I can do anything I want.
72. Unconditional love.
73. That you really can do everything.
74. How to have a hero.
75. And a best friend.

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