Monday, February 28, 2005

Dating Dynamics

Read Bryan's post called "An Unusually Effective Escape Tactic" before reading this post.

Ahhh, the posturing...

That post on Bryan's blog today made me smile. I haven't been to one of those big Mormon parties where you're goal is to pick people up since....Last October? Yeah, last October.

Picture this:
I had just had a horrible argument with my ex-boyfriend and was heading home a lot earlier on a Friday night than I wanted to be. I remembered that my friend Greg had invited me down to a party in Denver. Out of desperation, I took him up on his offer. It was me, Greg, and the ear doctor. (this was before we started dating)

Anyway, we got to the party and I immediately split from those two. If I had been standing there with them all night I would have totally blocked any kind of potential picking-up that might occur. It would be awkward. Plus, I didn't want anyone there thinking I was "with" either of the, thereby killing any potential for me in the room.

So, I was flying solo. I didn't know ANYONE at the party besides those two guys.

Its hard to be a flagship girl without any background wind beneath your sails, but I did manage to get the hottest guy there to invite me to go to the next party his group was hopping to. I turned him down, took his number, but never ended up calling him.

The ear doctor and I got together 2 weeks later.

Interesting side note: I'm sure that some girls are ALWAYS flagship girls. They are the beautiful beyond belief girls. But, there are some middle of the road girls who are sometimes the flagships, sometimes the background. I fall into this category. It depends who I go out with. I really like being in this position because I get the best of both worlds.

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