Monday, February 21, 2005

Stupid F-ing Rejection

My overconfident self image was just deflated.

Completely crushed. Flat. Annihilated. Decimated. Pulverized into a million little flecks of gray and jagged dust.

I just got a letter from the Dean of Admissions at Princeton and they don't want me.

They sent me a really nice, if a bit formulatic, mass email to inform me that somehow I haven't managed to stack up to their standards. They couldn't even send me a real letter to let me know that I'm not smart enough for them. They couldn't even send me a real email address to respond to to find out exactly what area I was lacking in. Ugh.

Good thing I didn't want to go there anyway.

They only have one building for their whole college of engineering, each wing being for the different departments.

Why would I want to go to their sub-par tiny little pretentious university anyway.

They suck.


Elle said...

about 30 mins outside austin there is a town called San Marcos that is known for their great outlet

bryan said...

Stupid Princeton. I wouldn't want to go there either. One building? huh?!?!

Anth said...

Princeton sucks! You don't want to go to that preppy nasty place anyway.

sarah said...

At least now you wont have to live in NEW about the armpit of America.