Monday, March 16, 2009

Bit by the gardening bug

I can't believe I've never told you about my awesome cousin-in-law Nancy! Because, really, she's very very cool. One of those people you sit down to meet and you just want to find out everything about her.

She and her husband had a summer long water fight that escalated to the point where he was in the front yard squirting her with the hose and she was standing at the second story window dumping buckets on him. FUN people.

One crucial thing about her that you need to know is that she collects garbage.

Not all garbage, just organic stuff because she is P-A-S-S-I-O-N-A-T-E about compost. Whenever I visit the ear doctor's grandma she has a small plastic bag by the sink for any organic trash. When it fills up she twists it shut and gives it to Nancy.

So when I saw this little beauty on this awesome blog I thought of her:

It's a little under the counter compost machine!!!

Now, I know this little guy is probably too little for Nancy since she has a big beautiful garden in her backyard, but for me and my container gardening it would be SOOOOOO awesome! If anyone has $300 laying around and wants to get me this I would be EVER so appreciative.


Kari said...

You could also do the wormies (vermicomposting). Costs you about $15 to set it up and honestly it doesn't stink. I've been doing it since January and it is pretty amazing.


eRiCa said...

Just sent that link to my mom. It's better than a nasty little garbage can or ice cream bucket we had/have under the sink. I always hated being the one to go and empty it in the compost pile out back...I'm so adding this to my list!

eRiCa said...

p.s. The red worm compost grosses me and worms are not on good terms.

p.p.s. SO GLAD you know the Gnome Mobile. Every time I give me kids a bubble bath I think of the scene where they're chasing him and slip in the bubbles. LOVE IT!

Stephanie said...

My husband almost bought one of those. But a lot of reviews of it weren't so great because it can be noisy, and can still be stinky too. So we decided to go with a normal composter. I really wanted one though. LOL