Monday, March 16, 2009

Ummm, that was a little anticlimactic

Alright, HGTV, I have a bone to pick with you.

First, I spent the entire weekend on the look-out for your spies. The people who were trying to make sure that I'd be home when you wanted to surprise me with my dream home in Sonoma? Yeah, those people.

When, at 5:30 on Sunday evening (30 minutes before it aired here in Colorado) I figured that I wasn't the lucky giveaway winner I excitedly sat down on the couch with my man to find out who the lucky winner would be. Remember how we've decided to give up any TV on Sunday? Well, we decided to make an exception for you.

When we looked over the TV programming schedule and saw that the big reveal was only slotted for a half hour I was a little wary. I couldn't fathom how you were going to deliver that kind of news with only 30 minutes, but I trusted you. I gave you my FAITH.

However, as the special started and the clues to the winner's hometown started dropping I got really worried. It was 6:20 and you still hadn't surprised the winner yet! When there was only 6 minutes left of the show you FINALLY got the Cheryl Smith's home and gave her the good news. After 3 minutes of her excitement it was over.

That's it.

3 minutes of glory?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?

There are so many questions I wanted to ask her. So many things I wanted to know about the woman who will be living in MY house. Sitting on MY porch. Soaking in MY tub.

Your totally lack of creativity was so disappointing that I had to abruptly turn off my TV, grab the book I'm in the middle of and make my way to my MUCH less glamorous tub for a soothing bath. I had to relax away my utter annoyance at your totally ball-drop.

Get it together for next year.

Sincerely, Katie

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